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£311k Awarded to Ten Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. Nottinghamshire based aerospace components company awarded £94k

The company specialises in manufacturing aerospace components. In recent years, they have also seen a significant increase in the percentage of their R&D activities against their overall workload and this has enabled them having to take on many agency staff to work on their production work to allow their specialist employees to spend a much greater percentage of their time on research and development required for their multitude of new projects in this claim period.

  1. Leicestershire based manufacturers and wholesalers of clothes received £31k

Incorporated in 1989, the company manufactures and sells a wide range of military, corporate and uniform clothing including knitwear, fleece, and protective and thermal garments. The company offer an area of full protection extending over the whole armour, edge to edge, protecting against multiple or automatic fire from sub-machine guns, it is totally impervious to water and all products are certified.

  1. Lancashire based lift and escalator servicing company awarded £32k

Incorporated in 1991, the company is an independent company that provides services for both lifts and escalators. The company has gained a reputation for coping extremely well with genuinely unique, one-off projects, due to its accumulated experience and problem-solving skills, particularly when dealing with old lift systems that are no longer supported by the original manufacturers.

  1. Newcastle upon Tyne architects received £6k in first claim

The company focuses on adopting a collaborative, team-based approach to developing and implementing solutions to building projects. The company has extensive experience of working on one-off residential and commercial projects, and infrastructure builds – particularly with sports arenas and integrated, urban multi-transportation systems – both in the UK and abroad, as well as renovations, conversions, alterations, and extensions to listed historic structures.

  1. Scotland based switchgear company awarded £31k

Incorporated in 1993, the company has significant experience in designing, developing, manufacturing, installing, and maintaining all forms of high, medium and low voltage switchgear. A large proportion of the company’s activity includes on-site and workshop refurbishment, maintenance, servicing, testing and repairs of switchgear and circuit breakers of any description or any age and standard.

  1. Yorkshire based agriculture company received £14k

As a niche but diversely minded company, they are driven by their aim to achieve technological advances, by investing their time into research and development, working hard to navigate challenging projects and break through the status quo of their industry. In addition to their R & D Projects, they have also taken the initiative to grow their facilities, so they have more capacity for production and processing.

  1. London based construction technology company awarded £31k in first claim

The company is led by the changing customer demands and technology development. The Company adapts their business to the ever-changing market needs, with many years of experience in its field, the company’s vision is one of improving the quality of service and materials through using the latest innovation and technology in construction to deliver the best value to its business partners.

  1. Loughborough based seafood delivery company received £12k

Established in 1997, the company began as a “one man and his van” frozen seafood delivery service and has since expanded into a leading independent wholesalers and distributors of fresh and frozen food products, building on over 30 years’ experience in the catering supply industry. The company offers innovative contemporary solutions using creative thinking and in-depth food handling and system procedure knowledge from company specific systems, processes, equipment and pioneer methods of food product production through to volume consumer level.

  1. Lancashire based agriculture company awarded £24k

Founded in 2008, the company are experts in healthcare for calves, cattle and sheep, the company has led the UK dairy industry into unchartered territory, developing the industry-leading range of milk and colostrum pasteurisers.

  1. Suffolk based engineering firm received £28k in first claim

The company is a metalworking company that specialises in the manufacture, welding, and forming & shaping of iron, steel, and ferro-alloys. The company invest time and effort in upfront design work and prototyping, so the IP vests with the company. This approach carries a significant amount of risk and is expensive in terms of up-front investment in research and design planning before prototype development, trials & testing.

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