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£2m Awarded to Ten Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. Hampshire based recycling company awarded £137k

The company specialise in plasterboard collection and recycling, they collect, recycle and dispose of thousands of tonnes of plasterboard and gypsum every week from all over the UK. The company recycle material from transfer stations, construction sites, demolition sites, plasterboard manufacturers, builders, waste contractors and civic amenity sites.

  1. Buckinghamshire based technology company received £25k

The company specialising in embedded computing, rugged mobile computing, and industrial automation. The company serves a variety of industrial sectors, providing innovative products for industrial, transportation, logistics, marine, healthcare, digital signage, and defence applications.

  1. Newcastle upon Tyne electronic control systems company awarded £41k

The company designs, develops, builds and installs bespoke Automated Test Equipment (ATE) and specialises in electrical control systems and panels for process equipment such as automated conveyor systems. The company have a broad base of clients from various sectors, a large one currently for them is the pharmaceutical industry where their clients range from tablet makers to raw ingredient manufacturers like chemical companies processing the raw crystals.

  1. Cheshire based company received £9k in first claim

Incorporated in 1997, the company has built a very strong reputation for providing the most appropriate labelling and integrated safety solutions for its customer’s particular requirements. The company have considerable depth of knowledge in all labelling and industrial floor painting specifically for manufacturing & the warehouse and distribution industries.

  1. Cambridgeshire based manufacturing firm awarded £10k

Incorporated in 2016, the company is a leading manufacturer who develops gas control equipment for the compressed gas industry, specialising in industrial, medical and laboratory gas control equipment. The company is at the forefront of development of compressed gas control systems & devices.

  1. Kent based communications company received £7k in first claim

The company develop and deliver communication systems for emergency and public safety services, assisting emergency and security service organisations, governments, and operators in deploying public safety and security mission-critical mobile communications systems. The company ethos is based on a duty to ensure that frontline first responders around the world, who put their lives on the line every day to protect us, are equipped with the most reliable and effective communication services possible.

  1. London based metalwork company awarded £15k

The company consists of a small network of remote designers that have vast experience over twenty years within the steelwork industry, having grown accustomed to detailing both high end architectural projects and structural framework. The company works with the client’s own architect and engineer, as often as the specialist subcontractor.

  1. Leicestershire based health company received £29k in first claim

The company operate a 22-bed dementia care home for the elderly and eight assisted living apartments. The company ensure they stay at the forefront of knowledge in terms of dementia research and training and uses the current evidence base to provide innovative, breakthrough care practices for its residents to optimise their quality of life and outcomes.

  1. West Midlands based vehicle repair company awarded £19k

Incorporated in 2018, the company are a leading specialist in the repair and refinishing of vehicle alloy wheels. The company strip the existing paint or powder coating from damaged or corroded wheels, before using the latest techniques to repair cracks, dents, buckles, and abrasion damage before refinishing them in a wide range of powder coat colours, either to match the original finish or using non-standard colours to suit customer preferences. The company also offer the option of diamond cutting on their specialist lathe to restore this increasingly common factory finish.

  1. Cheshire based metalwork company received £12k

Formed in 1997, the company has always specialised in the recovery of sorted materials, predominantly metals. As the materials being recycled by many other industries increase in volume and scope, this service has grown into a profitable side-line for the company.

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