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£296k Awarded to Nine Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. Northumberland based printing company receives £30k in first R&D claim

The company was first established in 1875 and became incorporated in 1954. The company offers bespoke printing services across a wide range of sectors. Over the decades the company has diversified their product offerings to include consultancy; creative design and digital media; lithographic printing; digital printing including large format; direct mail; storage and distribution. This has led to significant growth which resulted in a site expansion including a 55,000 square foot factory and lease an additional 55,000 square foot industrial estate for warehousing and distribution.

  1. Chesterfield based heat resistant fixings manufacturer awarded £41k

The company was incorporated in 1975 and develops and manufactures bespoke heat resistant fixings used predominantly in refractory-based industries. The engineers must conceptualise the requirements and begin to build a development path to achieve fit-for purpose solutions. The company deals with a variety of different applications where operational conditions lead to many unique permutations and combinations of operation that require substantial research and development to achieve pragmatic solutions. In 2018 the company began their most sustainable research and development project when working with the leading company in the UK fertiliser industry.

  1. Leicestershire based display stand manufacturer awarded £46k in first R&D claim

Incorporated in 2016 the company was a direct result of successful R&D Tax Credits being awarded of another company owned by the same family, to expand its operations in the display industry. The company operates across Europe including the UK, Spain, Latvia, Poland and Portugal. The company aims to set trends in the industry whilst being passionate about developing and engineering its own products. Recently the company expanded its business space, opening up a significant warehouse operation to help to cope with its expanding business and product portfolio.


  1. Derbyshire based designer and manufacturer of polyethylene pipeline receives £30k taking total claims to £119k

Founded in 1965 and incorporated in 1981 the group develops and manufactures innovative plastic pipeline solutions predominantly for the gas industry although these solutions are now additionally used in the water, wastewater, energy & power, district heating and telecoms sectors. The company’s research and development team work collaboratively with two wholly owned subsidiary companies. The company goal is to develop the right solutions and the best products to help its customers overcome their pipeline construction challenges, to ensure their asset lasts a lifetime.

  1. London based commercial building property maintenance company receives £30k for R&D work

Established since 2011, the company is a commercial building property maintenance contractor operating across London and the South East. The company fully manages each project enabling them to deliver high-quality results within budget to the client’s timeframe. The company has accumulated a wealth of experience in commercial refurbishment, from stripping back and refitting industrial units to complex renovation of high-end office space. Having developed a dedicated maintenance section of the business, the company benefits from a team of skilled multi-traders who can service ongoing, planned maintenance requirements as well as undertaking ad-hoc, reactive repairs.

  1. Worcestershire based 3D scanning and 3D printing company awarded £22k

The company was incorporated in 2006 and provides 3D scanning, digitisation, reverse engineering, and inspection as required which is carried in the temperature-controlled laboratory or on the client’s site. The company works closely with clients to ensure that all requirements are met, and that scanning is the start of a value-added process. The company looks to work on analysis and potential process improvements which arise directly from the intervention. The company has developed high level experience in the use of versatile 3D scanning systems and was the first UK outlet for the Artec 3D system.

  1. West Midlands based steel fabricators receives £24k taking total claims to £148k

The company has over 67 years of bringing expertise and quality steel fabrications to some of the most challenging industries, having been established in 1949. To provide cost effective solutions, the company has heavily invested in industrial processes required by their clients. By operating from a single site, the company can ensure cost-effective, high-quality solutions throughout the process. Due to the diversity of their client’s needs the company often provides bespoke solutions.

  1. London based software company awarded £12k

Incorporated in December 2011 the company develops scalable and robust software platforms, responsive web presence, and builds ideas into successful reality. The company specialises in providing bespoke software solutions whilst maintaining an open dialogue with clients. The company are currently building projects that utilise the latest cloud computing platforms and infrastructure, including Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure and Rackspace Cloud. The company are highly skilled and their processes and technologies to cater for any project.

  1. Kent based scaffolding company received £59k for R&D work

The company was established in 2013 and saw substantiable growth that enabled a relocation two years later. This growth was predominately propelled by innovative specialist scaffolding towers, which has attracted clients as far away as New Zealand. The company stays at the top of their field by investing in employees’ skillset and machinery.

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