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£283K awarded to 6 clients

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. London based manufacturer and developer of high-performance bicycles and accessories receives a recent R&D tax credit claim worth £70.5k taking their total claim to date to £213.8k

The company was incorporated in 2018 to develop an in-house range of products and services. Following the establishment of the company, their efforts over the next 12 months concentrated on designing, developing and testing new products and accessories that reflected the company’s bicycle heritage, sales of which began in 2020. The company focused on using sustainable and recycled materials in their products, a factor that presented many challenges, particularly in the manufacturing processes. These materials had not previously been available in the UK or in the cycling world, and these were tried and tested to improve upon the existing performance clothing, bicycle parts and accessories. These new materials proved more difficult to work with since the manufacturers had no previous experience of their material handling and behaviour in conditions of differing stress, temperature and humidity.


  1. Structural engineering, design and consultancy services company receives £49.3k from HMRC

Since the company’s inception in 2005, the company has been investing in the development of proprietary change management & change data analytics tools that create aesthetically pleasing, sustainable structures in a wide range of sectors, using all structural materials and forms for clients of every type. Innovation is a key feature of their work, which they apply to large and small projects. No project is too small if it fits in with their stated aspirations – from furniture and sculpture, new build, and refurbishment residential, office, and retail projects, all the way to multi-million-pound stadia.

  1. Nottingham based group of print and production creation companies awarded £27k increasing their total R&D claims to £113k

The group recently rebranded as one central group to better reflect their market offerings. The company operates a one-shop stop approach enabling them to develop long-term relationships with customers. CCM’s strengths lie with its experienced, knowledgeable and well-respected staff and the customer service provided, combined with a can-do attitude. The company supplies a wide range of products and services into hugely competitive and diverse markets. To be able to successfully compete, CCM requires innovative front and back-office systems, which the group is continually developing in-house. CCM offers a complete range of supply requirements across many products, including its traditional area within printed products, a full design service and on-line ordering incorporating innovative web-to-print software. They operate a comprehensive warehouse stock control facility and deliver using their own vehicles.


  1. Shropshire based manufacturing and engineering services provider receives £115.5k R&D claim taking total received £812k


The company was originally founded in 1977, over the years the company has extended its range to include manufacture of its own machinery for use in the Timber Engineering Industry. This includes the manufacture of a range of presses to produce roof trusses, metal web floor joists and automatic truss stackers, together with all subsidiary equipment required. The company has been involved in several major development projects in recent times in various divisions within the company, each of which has resulted in the production of new and innovative solutions for their customers.

  1. Derbyshire based skincare brand successfully claims £5.5k for their R&D work bringing their claim sum to £15.8k

Sherriff using their combined knowledge hailing from the elite world of professional rugby and skincare, with the ethos committed to ‘get out what you put in’. They are the first male brand globally to receive EWG certification for their skincare. Their commitment is to using products that you regularly find in the diets of elite athletes and not products that can be found in your bathroom.  Unlike other skincare brands Proverb 7 challenge themselves with producing a skincare product that does not contain: Petroleum, Parabens, Gluten, SLS, Genetically Modified ingredients, artificial fragrances, propylene glycol or aluminium. In addition, it strives to ensure all its products are refillable in order to protect the environment.

  1. Successful first claim for Nottinghamshire based construction contractor sees them claim £10.3k from HMRC

A specialist contractor operating in the construction industry in the field of building fabric, insulation, and ventilation. The core business is the removal (and reinstatement) of compromised cavity wall insulation to domestic properties around the UK. In addition, fire damaged properties can contain carbon contamination inside the cavity walls and if not dealt with correctly, future smoke odours can re-occur. SCBS had been informed that there are no systems in the marketplace that can deal with the above issues to eradicate black water containments and neutralise of carbon contamination given that the issues are contained within a 50-60mm in width cavity wall. The Company had been informed of an existing ‘fogging’ system although this is used to mask the issues as opposed to full eradication.

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