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£265k Awarded to Ten Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. Carlisle based fabric manufacturer receives £63k taking total claims to £521k since 2012

Established in 1912, the company designs and manufacturers innovative tweed fabrics for the fashion industry. Specialising in relatively small runs, tweed might comprise of eight different yarns, anything from cashmere, silk, chenille and shirting cottons to lurex, cellophane or a tufty yarn called eyelash, in many different colours. The company prides itself on its sustainable approach. Oils are used to lubricate the machines and the tweeds, once woven, are expertly washed, and finished in huge machines using local soft water. The unique skill sets amongst the workforce make it possible to combine hugely different yarns in a sustainable way that most worldwide producers ignore.

  1. Mansfield based recycling machinery company awarded £15k resulting in total claims of £42k

Established in 2010, the company is an award-winning company which specialises in supplying replacement wear parts to the recycling, forestry, quarrying and plant hire sectors. The company relies on innovative thinking to develop new products and improvements for existing machine components. The company ethos is if they can always be helpful to their customers and help their customer grow, then they will be likely to share in that success.

  1. A plastic pipeline solutions Group based in Derbyshire receives £11k

Founded in 1965 and incorporated into its present form in 1981, the Group consists of two companies providing plastic pipeline solutions for the gas industry. In 2015 the group established its own R&D department which develops new products and solutions including bespoke products as well as adding value by continually improving existing products and making them ever more flexible to fit multiple applications. In addition, the company also develops bespoke solutions for their clients.

  1. Worcestershire based architect firm awarded £5k in first R&D claim

The architects are a client facing, user-friendly and creative consultancy. The company uses sketches, physical models, and three-dimensional images to test their ideas and designs. The company implements a collaborative approach with their clients to translate the client vision.

  1. Lincolnshire based manufacturer of seabed ground quality surveying equipment receives £50k taking total claims to £432k over ten years

Incorporated in 2003, the company designs and manufactures of seabed ground quality surveying equipment for a global client base. Development of their new products and testing process equipment continues to enable them to strengthen their niche market position in the seabed exploration products market. Supplying to and operating for a global client base to enable seabed data acquisition for feasibility studies in extreme environments.

  1. Leicestershire based automation and robotic machine manufacturer awarded £16k

The company is a leading automation and robotic machine manufacturer providing comprehensive solutions to the consumable, capital goods and automation sectors. The company benefits from a wide range of engineering expertise and resource the company provides its customers with services such as consultancy, project management, engineering conception, design and manufacture that are tailored to suit their exact requirements ensuring a successful and ongoing partnership.

  1. Lancashire based product marketing company awarded £11k for R&D work resulting in a total of £23k awarded

The company has developed a custom application to bring together online influencers and product marketing companies to the benefit of both parties. The platform drives a cheaper process for product assignment and reduces marketing costs. Additionally, it enables product marketing companies’ access to online influencers and helps drive increased sales through social media.

  1. Lincolnshire based agricultural company receives £9k for R&D work

The company has over 20 years’ experience in UK agriculture with first-hand experience at grass roots, public sector, and the private corporate level. The company understands the need to incorporate good business sense with good practical knowledge. It works in partnership with global leaders in technology and manufacturing and this allows it to bring innovative and commercial solutions to customers. The company focus is to provide advanced farm solutions designed to lower costs, improved performance, higher profits, and smarter farm management. This allows farmers to address core farming issues and take back some control in an industry controlled by policy, weather, and market volatility.

  1. Nottinghamshire based a conservation building specialist awarded £47k

Incorporated in 1991, the company has been proudly preserving the UK’s most historic listed buildings for more than 50 years. The company’s experienced, highly skilled craftspeople carry out a wide variety of repair and conservation projects on complex historic buildings, working closely with every organisation involved in a project, building strong relationships, and playing a valued role as a trusted supply chain partner.

  1. Derbyshire based design and manufacturer of polyethylene pipeline receives another £11k for R&D work

Founded in 1965, the company manufactures pipe using both extrusion and injection moulding technologies and the company also has a fabrication shop. From design, development, and manufacture through to installation, repair and rehabilitation, Radius products are used worldwide in the utilities and construction industries. The company goal is to develop the right solutions and the best products to help its customers overcome their pipeline construction challenges, to ensure their asset lasts a lifetime.

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