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£259K Awarded to Five Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. Derbyshire based engineering company awarded £74k taking total claims to £422k

Established in 1997 and incorporated into its current form in 2003, the company provides engineering and site services to companies throughout the UK and Europe. The company has specialisms in CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining, stainless steel fabrication, sheet metal work, spiral welding, and pipework installation. Much of the company’s recent investment and growth is directly attributable to previously successful R&D Tax Credits claims. It invests a good proportion of management time and effort in the development of new products and processes with several new long-term projects being invested in seeking to achieve functional, reliable, and durable new products.

  1. Gloucestershire based engineering firm receives £5k

The company was formed following the acquisition of a plastic company. The company offers engineering solutions to exact customer specifications, taking a concept from design through to full scale production. The objective of the new company is to develop new markets by developing original products which combine plastic and metal materials to produce advanced composite products which have attractive characteristics for many industries.

  1. Gloucestershire based manufacturing company awarded £79K taking total claims over 8 years to £677k

The company began operations in 1875 and over the years the company has seen many evolutions and adaptations. More recently this has involved the acquisition of several companies to help diversify market offerings to include manufacturing, the production of metal and plastic components and deep drawing processes.

  1. Leicestershire based group receives £33k taking total claims to £168k

The group specialises in the research, development and manufacture of products and control systems for agricultural facilities. For this, they develop, manufacture, install and manage process control technology for early-stage food production. The group provides technical consultancy and was initially established as a provider of solutions to root vegetable farmers, extending throughout the EU and worldwide. It helps to manage retail sector customer expectations in the quality of produce and ensures compliance with certification standards. The company’s managing director has been part of the UK Government’s strategy planning meetings, advising at the highest level, and is regularly consulted by the UK secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

  1. East Sussex based engineering and fabrication company awarded £67k

The company is a specialist sheet metal engineering and fabrication company that develops bespoke solutions for clients based upon specifications provided to them by the client. The solutions development process involves rigorous in-house applications-focussed drawings, materials analysis, and the fabrication and testing of prototypes to ensure that the client’s brief has been fulfilled. The company has also implemented an in-house recycle program for re-using all wasted metal from their manufacturing processes. This also includes reducing the use of plastics as much because metal is easier to recycle and re-use, as to reduce their carbon footprint. The company has also introduced a scheme whereby they provide a service of recycling metal waste for their customers.

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