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£251k Awarded to Three Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. Scotland based catering group awarded £54k in another successful R&D claim taking total claims to £288k

The group was established over 20 years ago, originally buying and selling small catering equipment. Over the years the group has grown and diversified and now offers commercial kitchen refurbishments, including the fabrication of products. Following further growth, the group created a manufacturing arm to compliment the design and installation projects division. The group regularly engages in the production of protypes to achieve cost effective innovative solutions. Each quotation requires a team of people to research the solution and provide unique ground -breaking developments to overcome difficult and challenging situations. Some of the locations they are faced with are in older buildings where the logistics of handling state of the art fabrication is not easy as the manufacture process is not modular.

  1. Nottinghamshire based manufacturing group receives £45k taking total claims to £460k

The group creates polymouldings primarily for the aerospace industry, and the tooling to achieve these. The heart of the company is to make its customers’ processes more efficient where coatings need to be applied to exactingly specified areas of components. The group has committed resources to take on development work with even less certainty of a successful outcome at the outset, including exhaustive trials which cannot be charged to the customer. In some cases, these highly speculative projects have resulted in bigger jobs and led to new opportunities with new customers. The new products have also extended opportunities in both new build and at subsequent repair when an engine is refurbished for life extension.

  1. Leicestershire based livestock supplements company receives £152k taking total claims over nine years to £931k

Incorporated in 1976, the company has established themselves as an innovative supplier of liquid nutrition products for livestock. These products, when combined with specific liquid nutrients such as high omega-3 oils, trace elements and vitamin sources, means it can offer a complete range of specialist nutrition products to the progressive farmers in all areas of livestock production. All raw materials are sampled, inspected, and analysed according to strict Quality Assurance procedures. UFAC has full traceability of raw materials, their use in finished products, through delivery on to farm or into store and the company continues to improve and enhance this monitoring to ensure quality and performance is maintained throughout.

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