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£235K Awarded to Seven Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. Cheshire based drinks marketing company awarded £3k

Formed in 2014, the company was established to target the festival scene in the UK, setting up a mobile bar to sell drinks. The overall aim of the concept was to tap into the marketing strategy of big drinks firms that were keen to get their brand names into the festival event environment. Design is always evolving and as a creative collective, the company never remains static. The company’s belief is that to produce amazing things, you need an amazing collective of people, skills, briefs, and clients. Coming from various design backgrounds, their studio culture is varied but what remains constant is how they collaborate. They pride themselves on collaborating closely with both clients and contractors. Understanding the process and spectrum of needs is key in their pursuit to create contemporary and eye-catching brand marketing.

  1. West Midlands based energy company receives £26k taking total claims to £130k

Incorporated in 1981, the company began as a bearing and power transmission distributor and they continue to operate in that field almost 40 years on. Over the years the company has adapted to also offers motor rewinds, gearbox and pump reconditioning, machine overhauls and refurbishments whilst their stock range for re-sale includes quality bearings, power transmission, fasteners, castors, and other engineering consumables including adhesives.

  1. Leicestershire based LED lighting company awarded £16k

The company has been providing first class support and service to the UK lighting industry for more than a quarter of a century. The company has a culture of innovation within the firm, where all ideas are appreciated and explored to drive costs down and develop products and processes. The company continually improve their production facilities, as well as investing in staff and expertise. Often, prototypes must be made and repeatedly redesigned to meet the technical demands of the project. The company now has a dedicated team of skilled designers and engineers to help overcome technical uncertainties that arise and see innovation and investment in the future as the key to long term business growth.

  1. West Midlands design consultancy receives £43k for first two years of claims

The company is an award-nominated industrial design consultancy that take ideas from a concept and turn them into a reality. They inspire companies to develop, design, and deliver innovative products to target markets. By researching markets and trends, they can identify what is already available on the product landscape, and what gaps are on the market where they might provide a new viable product. The focus and specialism of the company is within the manufacturing sector, where they offer innovative and cutting-edge design solutions for products and manufacturing processes, and the company now have a worldwide customer base.

  1. Yorkshire based cutting tools company awarded £13k

The company are designers and manufacturers of special engineering cutting tools. They also regrind and refurbish specialist cutting tools – a service the company believes to be unique in the UK. The company offer a fully bespoke, tailor-made design-and-build service, and claim they can produce ‘any tool for any job’. A skilled workforce ensures excellent quality, considering attention to detail as one of their greatest assets, and after more than 40 years in business their reputation is such that they are regularly commissioned to produce tools by the most demanding customers, such as Rolls-Royce Nuclear.

  1. Greater Manchester based engineering firm receives £122k taking total claims to £490k

Incorporated in 2015, the company is a new kind of engineering service provider that has been established by engineers and practitioners with years of experience within multiple failsafe industries and who has a core sector focus in Aerospace, Nuclear, Automotive, Land Systems and Rail. The company unique selling point is its’ ability to develop technology leading solutions and they develop disruptive solutions that provoke real progression in their chosen markets. In a competitive global arena, UK companies need to innovate to compete, and the company can provide the radical leap that creates the new state of the art.

  1. Greater Manchester based audio engineers awarded £11k.

Originally founded in 1980 and incorporated into its present form in 2006, the evolution of the company has brought together a highly experienced team of audio experts and engineers with one continuing promise; to offer their customers the very best products and services. From simple consumer audio products to fully installed commercial systems, the company can provide a full portfolio of services to both consumer and commercial sectors. The company ethos is that, as a contractor, the company should not only be responsible for the installation and maintenance of its systems, but the full life cycle operation. This cycle should start at the concept stage of any new project or development by ensuring the company is part of the specification team and remains there until the project has been fully installed and beyond, something it terms as a Total Responsibility Principle.

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