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£230k Awarded to Seven Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. Bedfordshire based joinery company awarded £22k in first claim

The company specialises in the design, manufacture, and installation of bespoke carpentry, cabinetry, and staircases for premium residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Over time, the company has transitioned from a traditional joinery business to one that focusses on providing solutions to client demands that require complex engineering solutions. The company develops new approaches and processes specific to the requirements set out by the client. The company has developed innovative joisting systems that enable staircases to be free-standing, cantilevered, or spiral – that allow for different designs to meet regulatory and load-bearing factors.

  1. Yorkshire PVC cladding company received £15k

Incorporated in 2014, the company sells PVC walling and ceiling cladding predominantly for domestic use, with bathroom panels forming the bulk of its turnover. However, its principals are seeking to develop niche markets and as a result, have been researching into what is technically possible in the wall panelling market, starting to innovate in a bid to become a provider of much more bespoke, but affordable, panel solutions.

  1. Chesterfield based sustainable food systems company awarded £61k taking total claims to £116k

The company’s ambition is to help build a sustainable food system, in its ability to improve the health of people, the planet and its communities. They intend to achieve this by providing practical, creative, and effective science-based solutions within the interface of the research and innovation communities and the food manufacturing industry. The company have extensive networks within the industry and throughout the research, innovation, and funding communities. They combine their breadth of industry know-how with emerging science and innovation, to transform existing markets and create entirely new market sectors within the food and fast-moving consumer goods arenas. The company has initiated the development of the exciting new science into a platform that will build an innovative, stimulating concepts and ideas, and bringing them into new market opportunities.

  1. Nottinghamshire based nanoparticles company received £79K in their first claim

Incorporated in 2018, the company provides a versatile and powerful platform Flow NanoAnalyzer for the multiparameter analysis of functional nanoparticles (7-1000 nm) at the single-particle level. Flow NanoAnalyzer has been sold to the top research institutions and high-tech enterprises at home and abroad. It has established a large number of high-end user cases and has very good market prospects – MD Anderson Cancer Center, Mayo Clinic, NIH, Codiak, Sydney University, Taiwan University and other leading global research institutions and high-tech companies.

  1. Northamptonshire based manufacturing firm awarded £38k taking total claims over five years to £285k

Established in 2003, the company is a British manufacturing success story, providing innovative and exciting products for the corporate gift market, making many products in Northampton that it had previously subcontracted to China and India. The company is increasingly aware that the style and presentation of their products differs for overseas markets, to those in the UK. This accentuates and highlights their necessity to develop new products using new innovative materials and successive manufacturing techniques continually and creatively. At the same time, the company works equally as hard to supply all goods at competitive prices to maintain their place as a market leader and stay ahead of the competition. The company strives for sustainability in all areas and its 22,000 SQ FT facility is both ISO 9001 and ISO 1400 accredited, and has further achieved certifications for REACH, a voluntary environmental standard.

  1. Nottinghamshire based cocoa and chocolate confectionary company received £11k in first claim

The company specialises in designing unique chocolate confectionary products for clients, as well as manufacturing these products on a mass scale. They work with clients to create new designs for their recipes; the engineers produce bespoke designs which are particularly challenging. The company is often approached to conduct work on products that clients were unable to complete. The work conducted involves comprehensive unique technological problem solving. Lengthy periods of R&D activity are required to overcome these problems. There is a significant demand for employee time, and investment in R&D related subcontractors and consumables. This means that the specialists are constantly having to produce innovative designs that overcome clients’ problems.

  1. Derbyshire based design, manufacturing and assembly company awarded £9k in first claim.

The company is an independent UK based company specialising in the design, manufacture and assembly of non-invasive and revolutionary pipe inspection, leak detection and cleaning products for the water, gas and oil industries. One of their main aims is to facilitate cameras into smaller pipes or larger pipes, so they are constantly changing camera sizes and camera lengths. Products have been designed and developed by experienced global pipe inspection specialists that fully understand what is required within today’s pipeline industry. They fully understand the global requirement for innovative and new pipe inspection products, offering global shipping along with training packages to suit individual business needs.

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