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£216k Awarded to Six Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. Derbyshire based lifting and engineering company awarded £20k taking total claims to £105k over five years

The company is a well-recognised name within the lifting and engineering industry. With over forty-five years’ experience, they are one of the largest suppliers of lifting equipment and providers of proof load testing and statutory inspections in the Midlands. The company use their expert knowledge and applies pragmatic creativity, they take a solution-focused approach to every job. As they know it is sometimes not possible to buy a product that entirely meets the needs of the project, they also offer bespoke fabrication, either to customer drawings and specifications, or including a full design service, to suit a particular lifting need.

  1. Kent based beauty, fragrance and wellness products company received £61k for first two years of claims

Founded in 2019 the company make outstanding beauty, fragrance and wellness products that are thoughtful and considered, with each bespoke to the specific client and considering the uniqueness of their brand or company. The company work with their clients for 6 to 12 months before a product reaches production, beginning with the development of their concept. Some customers approach them with a clear idea for a product which they need Alexander to formulate, while others require help developing their concept. A process of trial and error is then used to gradually create a product which smells, feels, or behaves on the skin exactly as the client hoped or imagined. Unlike their competitors, the company do not restrict the amount of time or number of trials this process takes, as they want their customer to walk away with the perfect product which is completely bespoke.

  1. Yorkshire based technical support and solutions company awarded £27k with total claims of £54k

The company that specialises in providing technical support and solutions to project teams, contractors, and offsite manufacturers. The company has invested time and effort in the development of new modelling techniques and templates that help shorten construction timescales, identify construction conflicts earlier, and reduces the cost of construction. The company liaises closely with clients to understand their core requirements prior to developing solutions that employ a combination of new technologies and practices. There are however no guarantees that proposed solutions will be accepted, though the company believes that ‘proof of concept’ serves as a useful precursor since its active trial deployments allow solutions development and outcomes to be visualised first-hand.

  1. Kent based furniture manufacturing firm received £3k taking total claims to £21k

Established in 2005 the company is a supplier of quality, design-led furniture and mattresses to the student and private let market. The company recycles these wherever possible with a view to a lower carbon footprint. Development of the range is ongoing, using sustainable suppliers and recycled materials where possible. This is an important ethos of the companies going forward.

  1. Nottinghamshire based manufacturer of industrial filters awarded £52k taking total claims over ten years to £429k

Founded in 1968 the company is a leading UK developer and manufacturer of hydraulic, oil and air filters for industrial requirements. Over the years the company has diversified extensively and now designs and develops filters for a wide range of industrial applications.

  1. Yorkshire based fabrication company received £53k in the first claim

Established nearly 25 years ago the company is one of the leading fabrication companies in modular unit construction. The company able to undertake any type of project, spiral chutes, structural steel, bunkers, mezzanine flooring, staircases and tanks.

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