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£2.1m Awarded to Ten Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. Staffordshire-based data processing company awarded £74k

The company was founded with the fundamental goal of providing IT services focused on digital transformation, implementing modern technology without complexity. Their vision is to provide capabilities that otherwise would not be possible, increasing organisations safety, improving awareness, unlocking new capabilities, and reducing the cost of information technology without compromising on quality.

  1. Derbyshire-based manufacturer of motocross clothing company received £23k

The company specialises in the design and manufacturing of high-quality motocross gear and apparel. Over the years, the company has continued to innovate and develop new products to meet the changing needs of its customers.

  1. Yorkshire-based joinery installation company awarded £38k

The company was formed in 1993 and has grown into a of workshop and manufacturing space. The company’s continued success has largely been down to its commitment to continually improve and provide quality and service. The company employs highly skilled and experienced joiners and combined with a substantial investment in state-of-the-art woodworking machinery, this has enabled them to produce a wide variety of joinery products to some of the highest standards.

  1. Greater Manchester-based B2B insurance provider received £169k

As a market-leading B2B general insurance (GI) product provider, the company was the first GI product provider to have its common insurance policy wording to be underwritten by a panel of insurers. Overall, the company looks to provide a marketplace-leading system that is quick, simple, and compliant in enabling all their GI products to be sourced online with ease.

  1. Nottinghamshire-based builder and installer of bridges and gantries awarded £249k

Originally established in 1973, the company is a market leader in the design, build and installation of bridges and gantries. As part of their training, apprentices are involved in all departments and R&D to expand their knowledge and eventually their contribution to the company’s achievements. The company’s current policy is to use fewer agency workers by employing and training new employees where a need is identified.

  1. Nottinghamshire-based recycling and waste disposal company received £19k

Founded in 2007, the company specialises in providing national recycling and waste management solutions for companies, focusing on diverting waste from landfill and reducing costs. Since its incorporation, the company has invested heavily in developing a unique software package which enabled them to break into waste management by offering an innovative “brokerage” service for efficiently removing waste products from companies of all sizes.

  1. Derbyshire-based metal fabrication company received £13k

Incorporated in 2006, the company specialises in manufacturing steel parts to be used in extremely large and complex structures. The company will work with clients on one-off, specialist and bespoke jobs that require significant levels of development work to be carried out in many areas.

  1. West Midlands-based prototype company awarded £80k

The company is a specialist developer of solutions that uses heat and electricity for innovative applications. The company looks for gaps in the market where measurable technological and operational benefits are provided through portability and/or the use of rechargeable battery technology. A substantial portion of these revenues are reinvested in developing new solutions and applications for other market sectors.

  1. Leicestershire-based condiments and seasonings company received £746k

Incorporated in 1996, the company specialises in the development of spice, herb and seed products for flavour enhancing. The company takes whole, ground and treated ingredients, transforming first-class raw material into convenient, concentrated, high-performance, tailor-made ingredients or a mix of ingredients, for bespoke seasoning.

  1. Berkshire-based manufacturer of motor vehicles awarded £737k in first claim

The company’s experienced technicians service hundreds of classic and modern Ferraris in its dedicated workshops, ranging from minor mechanical repair work to major overhauls. The company’s intimate knowledge of the genuine article and in-house research archives, together with the practical knowledge of the work and parts required to restore the cars, while keeping their originality, means that the team can help make an informed decision on the purchase of any chosen Ferrari.

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