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£1m Awarded to Ten Companies (Part 2)

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. Cheshire-based sign manufacturer and installer awarded £306k

The company was formed over 20 years ago, originally making number plates for motorbikes. Over time, they transitioned to provide a sign manufacturing and installation service for local businesses and shops. During this claim’s period, this work has continued with the installation and integration of bespoke materials and their applications. Trials with the new designs took considerable time and effort spent by all departments, both by in-house staff through the development of new manufacturing methods and fit-for-purpose application changes and by on-site staff to overcome operational installation challenges.

  1. Hertfordshire-based digital marketing firm received £22k

The company is a digital marketing technology and services provider specialising in financial services. They help busy financial services marketing teams increase engagement and elevate the client experience whilst minimising operational inefficiencies.

  1. Northamptonshire-based water treatment company awarded £24k

The company is a proven provider for both individual process equipment and a total solutions integrator for the water, industrial effluent, and environmental control industries. The company designs, builds, installs, commissions and services complete industrial wastewater treatment systems for a wide range of sectors.

  1. West Midlands-based IT consultancy firm received £16k in first claim

Founded in 2015 the company is a rapidly growing technology firm specialising in leveraging Microsoft Azure Cloud technologies to provide industry-leading experiences to clients worldwide. Driven by values that foster a unique company culture and exceptional work environment, the company is committed to creating value by translating complex requirements into simple and convenient services using the latest cloud technologies delivered by skilled professionals.

  1. Derbyshire-based manufacturer of transport equipment awarded £314k

The company makes engineering composites for industries including aerospace, automotive and defence. Employee involvement in R&D has increased with the growing number of development and project engineers. Several key staff have been taken on, together with more engineers and female staff. The company’s strategy is to understand and respond to the future needs of advanced manufacturing by developing processes capable of fulfilling those needs.

  1. London-based shoe designer received £150k in first claim

The company’s designs are defined by daring innovation and the use of unconventional materials and techniques that marry high craft and tradition with cutting-edge technology and, frequently, extremely challenging architecture. More recently, the company has embarked on a journey towards sustainability, achieving a series of unprecedented improvements in the field of luxury footwear.

  1. Derbyshire-based design studio awarded £71k

The company was built with one primary purpose – to bring digital impact to businesses by developing and delivering highly engaging digital content that improves visual communications and enhances interactivity. The company methodology for managing the risk associated with fixed price contracts is to build out a proof-of-concept solution before the start of the project. This allows the company to assess their capability in delivering project outcomes within the agreed project timelines.

  1. West Midlands-based car insurance company received £12k

The company provide a range of services to help individuals and businesses navigate the complex process of making a claim and recovering their losses. Principally working in claims management, the company also work in vehicle recovery, courtesy cars, legal assistance, insurance brokering and fleet management. The company is headed by dedicated and experienced specialists who combine encyclopaedic knowledge of the industry with a dedication to supreme customer service.

  1. Hampshire-based construction of power systems company awarded £54k

The company are providers of power backup systems. Their work requires the design, manufacture, installation, and commission of power systems to ensure the ongoing function of critical technology, such as data centres. Their systems provide electricity produced by a backup generator, which needs to be fuelled to operate. They develop bespoke, failsafe power supply systems, ensuring adherence to strict legislative criteria around fire risk, noise levels and other elements of health and safety requirements.

  1. London-based metal fabrication company received £50k

The company was formed in 2005 to service local businesses with a variety of metal fabrications and welding services. It has developed a reputation among its customers for bespoke materials handling solutions tailored to applications. Constant research and development are carried out to ensure the company has the most advanced machinery and services in the industry. Regular ongoing work is always dedicated to customers’ designs or assisting with the design and development of their requirements.

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