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£1m Awarded to Nine Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
    1. Cambridgeshire based manufacturing firm awarded £71k

    Incorporated in 1954, the company is a specialist in the conversion and lamination of rubber, foam, plastic, and fabrics, working in all areas of manufacturing, its products are used throughout a diverse range of industries. The company’s mission is to provide specialist parts, working in partnership with its customers to create value and make a difference. The company seeks to be highly effective, lean, and forward thinking whilst maintaining a responsible manufacturer by minimising waste and reducing its carbon footprint.

    1. London based design studio received £134k in first claim

    The company has been providing contract furniture solutions for over 38 years, their success in winning and retaining clients over that time is based on the company’s intense commitment towards a personal approach and a continuous quest for new product development. The business promotes flexibility within the solutions offered and a level of service and support that meets and exceeds its client’s expectations. The professional design studio can address every aspect of product development and support all stages of the specification process including bespoke requirements. The Company can react quickly and accurately to both standard and bespoke briefs, providing clients with a real sense of confidence in their ability to support them at every stage of the furniture procurement process.

    1. Leicestershire based manufacturing firm awarded £63k in the first claim

    Over 50 years, the company has become one of the largest and most respected manufacturers of trade, professional and industrial equipment for various markets in both the UK and worldwide. The company are proud of its continued commitment to researching, developing, and manufacturing new products that are packed with a range of unique and innovative features that benefit their customers, regardless of environment, level of application, or level of use.

    1. Bristol based IT managed service provider received £17k taking total claims to £81k

    Established in 2009, the company is an award-winning IT managed service provider. The company’s engineers are prompt, knowledgeable, courteous, reliable, and efficient. They provide state-of-the-art IT support, service and products that enable their clients to get ahead of their competition, serve their customers better and achieve greater success. The company has developed a robust ticketing communication and reporting process that makes it easy for clients to see what is being done, by whom and when.

    1. Leicestershire based materials testing company awarded £58k taking total claims over five years to £164k

    Established in 2007, the company is an independent materials testing company serving the civil engineering, construction, and quarrying industries. Specialising in all areas of asphalt, aggregates, earthworks, and concrete from initial production to verification both on-site and within the Company’s purpose-built in-house laboratory facilities. The company have an established client base working directly with both blue chip and private companies.

    1. Derbyshire based manufacturing firm received £81k with total claims reaching £928k

    Established in 1998, the company is an independent family-owned business, developing and manufacturing tinplate components for the metals packaging sector, in a modern factory in North Nottinghamshire. Their aim is to provide a focus on quick response, short lead times and high-quality production with reliable on-time delivery.

    1. London based software company awarded £22k

    Incorporated in 2011, the company develops scalable and robust software platforms, and responsive web presence, and builds ideas into a successful reality. The Company are highly experienced and adaptive, so creating bespoke solutions is its speciality. The company research new avenues and build their own software products for a variety of different markets, with a recent child minder search app as an example. In recent years, the company have specialised in the Asset Management sector, building internal software solutions to help automate tasks and improve efficiency.

    1. Yorkshire based furniture maker received £17k

    The company design, manufacture and install bespoke concrete furniture. The company like to push boundaries constantly, which makes them innovators in their field and unique in their industry. They want to put their creative slant on all their projects and make concrete creations that are completely different to the conventional thinking around concrete. The company’s ethos is to change this mentality and show the world what can be done with such a beautiful material – to break the barriers faced surrounding concrete, be pioneers in developing almost any product from the material and develop their customer’s visions into a concrete reality.

    1. Lincolnshire based technology awarded £625k

    Since the company’s inception in 2000, they have worked to advance the development of a variety of solutions for semiconductor clients across the world. With its depth of experience in electronic engineering, the company aims to assist its customers to increase productivity and see new developments reach their full potential. The company offers a design and development experience that is tailored to, but not limited to, high-end, high-value semiconductor interfaces. From schematic capture to final hardware layout, its development engineers will work closely with clients to ensure that the objectives of each project are met.

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