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£195k Awarded to Four Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. Surrey based water hygiene company awarded £40k

The company are a specialist water hygiene company that provides water treatment services that meets BSS and BSRIA standards, be it for potable water or water in closed systems. In a competitive market, companies must constantly innovate and provide an ever-wider range of services to stay viable. With this aim in mind, ASEL has adapted its business strategy to develop technological and process solutions to improve service provision through improved solutions for preventative maintenance, improved technology whilst remaining cost effective.

  1. Gloucestershire based manufacturing and engineering company received £87k for their first claim

The company are a specialist manufacturing engineering company operating in an extremely niche market which involves the development of techniques and materials to service a surprisingly large market in classic racing cars and aircraft. The company operates predominately with clients within the classic racing car and classic aeroplane sectors.

  1. Staffordshire based drone and drone components company awarded £5k taking total claims to £21k over three years

Initially, the company distributed and sold drones and drone components made in China and sourced directly from the manufacturers and wholesalers. Since manufacturers and wholesalers do not sell direct-to-retail and have limited online presence, a custom platform was developed from scratch enabling the company to find and pull inventory availability information from suppliers’ websites into a consolidated inventory database and sell product directly to consumers online. The company understands there are no guarantees that the technologies developed and implemented will achieve the desired levels of success. However, ‘proof of concept’ serves as a precursor to the solutions development process, since it allows developments to be visualised, tried, and tested first-hand.

  1. National based flour mills and bakery group received £63k taking claims over five years to £181K

The group consists of two separate companies, the first of which spans farming, flour and feed milling and baking, with ten flour mills on four sites, a feed mill, two modern bakeries and 7,500 acres of mainly arable land in England. The second company specialises in supplying own label bakery products to the leading supermarkets, wholesalers, as well as supplying bread to the sandwich manufacturing industry. The current range covers a wide variety of sliced breads including the traditional square sliced, the very soft taller tin loaves and batch breads.

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