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£178K Awarded to Eight Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. Derbyshire based engineering company awarded £26k

Established in 1994, the company undertakes concept design, engineering design, project management and structural analysis. Their flexible approach means they can either undertake complete project packages or place individuals within existing engineering teams to support clients on an as needs basis. Previous R&D tax credits awards have enabled APA to further strengthen their business as they have been able to recruit additional staff and take on more projects, which inevitably is leading to them increasing their R&D capability and capacity.

  1. Hertfordshire based direct marketing company receives £13k

Founded in 1996, the company is one of the UK’s top direct marketing specialists, leading the field for almost three decades. Typically working for around 5,000 clients each year, the company’s customers include councils, estate agents and takeaway delivery companies. Providing transparent services and measurable results, they can demonstrate how a campaign is progressing, along with a guaranteed tracked distribution service.

  1. Nottinghamshire based IT company awarded £13k taking total claims to £64k

The company specialise in meeting the planned and reactive maintenance needs in the retail industry. In addition to offering shop fitting, the company also provide a maintenance I.T package to ensure their clients can view and work on real time documents for both the client and contractors to know the exact details of each job.

  1. Engineering firm receives £49k

The company works independently, and with clients to develop simple, economical, but effective metalwork-based solutions that have the potential to solve operational problems faced by companies in a variety of industries. They invest time and effort in upfront design work and prototyping. This approach carries a significant amount of risk and is expensive in terms of up-front investment in research and design planning before prototype development. The company understands there are no guarantees that solutions and innovations will lead to successful uptake of their products. However, they believe that ‘proof of concept’ serves as a precursor to market development efforts, since it allows advances to be visualised first-hand.

  1. Surrey based hydronic, fire and safety systems company awarded £37k

Established in 1990, the company are independent businesses that specialise in providing service-driven solutions for hydronic systems and fire safety & protection systems. The company also provides consultancy services, risk assessments, and bespoke recommendations and project solutions to improve fire safety in tower blocks owned and managed by local councils. The company does not outsource any aspect of their service offering; be it development, installation, or maintenance.

  1. Kent based shutters company awarded £12k

The company began providing shutters in 2018 and have separated themselves apart by their unrivalled attention to detail with a unique and distinctive style. With their patented design, the louvres are uniquely inset into the frame. The company also have a patented wingtip® design which is available in chrome, copper, brass, and stainless-steel finishes. Made from aluminium, wingtip® is an optional extra on both eastytilt® and smart-tilt® shutters, a distinctive visual statement and a unique innovation to an interior window shutter.

  1. Nottinghamshire based fabrics company receives £17k

Incorporated in 1981, the company works predominantly in the sports, automotive, medical and fashion markets, developing and producing high performance fabrics to suit demanding situations, selling its fabric to other businesses. The company employs highly skilled people and works with specially selected third-party sub-contractors, particularly in the areas of yarn dyeing and finishing to develop new, specialist performance fabrics for its many and varied clients.

  1. Bristol based electronic cigarettes company awarded £10k in first claim

Established in 2018, the company provide practical, timeless, and affordable e-cigarettes products that are easy to use, all at a one-stop destination. Developing their own products from scratch, they are responsible for designing, producing, and testing their products which are marketed to distributors in about 50 different countries. The company work closely with their partners to be transparent and ethical in conducting their business with integrity. They work in compliance with all applicable laws and governmental regulations while remaining responsive to stakeholders.

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