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£149K Awarded to Four Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. London based software company awarded £8k

Established in 2006, the company has an established international presence with operations in the UK, Sweden, and France. They have developed an online platform for users to get quotes from architects, accountants, builders, etc. Using the company’s online portal, individuals can post a request about home cleaning, plumbing, bookkeeping etc, and then receive free of charge, no obligation quotes from up to five companies. Service providers looking to use the site to get more clients are never forced to pay any annual subscriptions or start up fees. Payment is only taken when ordering customer requests are delivered. The business strives to make finding new clients as simple as potential customers finding help.

  1. Derbyshire based data network solutions provider received £23k taking total claims to £100k

The company is a technology and solutions provider specialising in the intelligent infrastructure marketplace. The company recognised from their ongoing research of their marketplace that there was an impending switch away from conventional and expensive power supply to lighting to a more cost effective and highly efficient alternative source of energy using data cabling. They developed their own lighting system using LED lights technology with low voltage and connecting easily with other devices and existing building management systems (BMS) in an intelligent way. The company is proud to have developed new products that comply with the Energy Technology List (ETL) criteria, a government scheme that sets the performance criteria of highly energy efficient products.

  1. Leicestershire based joinery manufacturer and installer awarded £51k taking total claims over three years to £184k

With over 25 years’ experience, the company is a leading bespoke and specialist joinery manufacturer and installation company. Its resources, experience and standards allow the company to produce crafted leading-edge bespoke joinery to the highest quality for its clients. They are constantly challenged to produce bespoke and innovative finishes and must continuously research all the materials, coatings and finishes available from within their traditional markets to meet these needs. The company also researches and develops finishes and materials from outside of their markets such as paint and lacquers from the automotive sectors to differentiate their offer from the competitions.

  1. Nottinghamshire based sheet metal company received £67k taking total claims to £193k

Incorporated in 1998, the company specialises in development of sheet metal fabricated products, delivered to the required quality on time. The company operates several high-tech metalworking machine tools that have been able to produce a widening variety of products and components including automotive, electrical, and electronic transformer components, refrigerator parts and audio and power supply enclosures; often winning orders previously lost by the UK to low-cost labour markets like China. The company is successful in attracting new business and is continuing to deliver complex and technically challenging metal working projects to its loyal and growing customer base who expect the company to use its extensive experience and expertise to push the boundaries of innovation on their behalf.

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