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£149k Awarded to 6 Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. Northumberland base metalwork manufacturing firm receives £73k taking claims total to £514k

Originally founded in 1897 the company has kept innovation at the heart of the family business. The company operates on a national basis specialising in the re-creation of traditionally aesthetic innovative metalwork for restoration and regeneration projects as well as high quality architectural structural metalwork. Innovation at the company expands beyond just operations, the company seeks out and implements the most technologically advanced methods. This has enabled the company to adapt to the changes that the pandemic presented resulting in the company performing well. Additionally, it has increased employees’ contributions to R&D, particularly in technical aspects such as drawing office and estimating.

  1. Mansfield based provider of protective vehicle interior products awarded £20k for R&D activities

Established in 2009 the company is a developer, manufacturer and seller, direct to the public, of protective vehicle interior products. The company has recently diversified into other markets including the equine and beauty markets which enables them to differentiate themselves from competitiors. The company has a wide reaching client base which it has built by selling on multiple online platforms with a 48 hour delivery window goal. This diversification of products has resulted in the company seeking larger premises. To enable this expansion to take place without any service loss, the company has had to innovate and develop to guarantee no such deteriorations.

  1. Ipswich based mechanical services company receives £13k after first successful claim

Formed in 2019 the company specialises in the installation of large natural gas pipework, industrial heating, chilled water and steam installations for homes and small and medium-sized companies, for whom cost is an important consideration. The company relies on pre-existing bespoke software to deliver cost-effective and efficient project solutions. The company’s aim is to use new technologies or develop new practices that can help keep project and running costs as low as possible for their clients.

  1. Chesterfield based welding and plasma equipment provider receives £8k in R&D tax credits

The company, which was incorporated in 2009, specialises in repairing, refurbishing, redeveloping, and developing new products and solutions predominantly associated with the welding and plasma cutting industries. The innovative family business provides high quality fast solutions often replacing out-dated redundant welding practises. A significant proportion of the company’s revenue is driven by specialist product hire, with the items hired out invariably being previously discarded equipment given a new lease of life by the company having been redeveloped into fit for purpose, specialist items.

  1. Kettering based roofing and construction specialist receives £16k

Incorporated in 2014 the company provide high quality skilled roofing work, covering all aspects of roofing repairs and installations, balancing customer satisfaction with value engineered pricing to maintain a share of a very competitive market. The company has a varied client base of individual customers and National House-building contracts. The business relies on sub-contractors with a variety of technical skills. The company has a heavy focus on environmental concerns, to honour these values, the company only operates within a 30-mile radius of their Kettering base and limits their fleet to eight vans.

  1. Cambridgeshire based engineering firm awarded £16k taking total claims to £64k

The company is a specialist engineering solutions and prototype development company commissioned by end-use customers for translating the latter’s ideas and requirements, to real-life products and components. Innovative is central to the company’s success with the workforce being made of skilled engineers with knowledge of pioneering engineering software and technology. The company is usually presented with a limited product description which finally results in conceptual design, graphic design, material specification, prototype selection or a final prototype production. The entire product development process requires several ideas and goes through multiple cycles of research and development before the final solution is created.


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