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£148K Awarded to Four Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. Shropshire based sheet-metal fabrication company awarded £65k

Established in 1984, the company is a market-leading manufacturer of sheet metal fabrication, with a reputation for trust and quality that has been built up over 35 years in business. The company does not export directly but three out of the four of their largest customers do export so around 60% of the products are eventually exported, mainly to the Middle East and Australia. In recent years, the company has invested in its comprehensive range of processes, machines and tooling.


  1. Yorkshire based concrete panel company received £52k for first claim

Formed in 2003, the company produces pre-stressed concrete panels for the agricultural and industrial sectors. The main product they have been producing is bulk walling for containing bulk materials and have been making their own concrete for many years now. One of the things they have developed over the last two years is self-compacting, self-levelling concrete. Over a couple of years, the company have managed to get self-compacting, self-levelling concrete to the required strength in the required time by undertaking various tests with sand, cement, stone, water, and high range superplasticizers. The company has had cubes sent away for testing on a weekly basis to have them crush tested to British standards to check that what they were doing was right.

  1. Yorkshire based tooling company awarded £21k

Founded in the 19th Century and incorporated in 2008, the company develops and sells consumable tooling for drilling, threading, reaming and milling. The company also acts as a product development facility for related companies, leading research and development in new product development to satisfy an increasingly demanding worldwide market for efficient production. Over the last few years, a move away from some smaller customers has led to sustainable growth including winning new customers in aerospace and construction, both areas that have led to the need for more bespoke product development.

  1. Nottinghamshire based software company awarded £10k

Incorporated in 2012, the company has years of experience within the fitness and leisure industry. The company is staffed by individuals and works closely with sub-contractors that bring together a wealth of experience in their respective fields into one successful solutions’ delivery team. Its first few years in existence were not based around generating sales, but about developing its main product which is now generating sales enabling further development to take place.

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