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£142k awarded to three clients

Author: Gareth Smyth

A claim worth £39,600 was awarded to an engineering business making their claim total £77,900.

The design engineering company provides services to clients across a range of industries and markets. They provide a fully comprehensive solution and carry projects through from conception to manufacturing and completion.

Most of the company’s work is bespoke and requires an in-depth knowledge of food manufacturing principles and have used R&D to develop new and innovative machinery solutions for a wide range of food processing applications.

An innovative skincare brand has been awarded a significant £10,000 cash reward.

Using their collective knowledge of the world of professional rugby and skincare, the founders of the business created an organic and clean skincare brand.

The brand is environmentally conscious as many of their products are refillable in order to reduce waste and encourage recycling. They are committed to environmental sustainability as they don’t use ingredients that many popular skincare brands use as they harm our skin and the environment.

A food product container company earns its first claim of £54,000

This company is a specialist developer and manufacturer of containers for food products with a  focus on making custom packaging solutions using recycled materials. The brand containers are food-safe, widely recyclable, customisable and more cost-effective than alternative, giving them a competitive edge.

The business collaborates with their clients to produce custom container solutions for each new product, working proactively with their product development team, clients and supply chain to encourage innovation. R&D is a key part of this process to ensure the quality of their products, in order to also maintain health and safety standards of food storage.

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