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£128k awarded to five clients

Author: Gareth Smyth

A claim of £9,400 for a business makes their total claim to date £14,400.

This Shropshire-based business acts as a local hub for art lovers and enthusiasts. The company has employed a continuing process of R&D for over 40 years which addresses the need for a financially accessible printer.

A firm has secured £6,600 for their first claim.

The business specialises in the development and supply of high-quality metal and plastic Jerry Cans. The company differentiate themselves from the competition by using R&D to provide custom packaging solutions for their customers.

A claim of £23,800 brings a company’s total claim amount to £36,000.

The Derbyshire-based business aims to develop brand new and innovative technologies to combat the growing use of chemicals, materials and working practices that harm the environment. The firm innovates by developing entirely new processes in an effort to create new formulas and materials that can replace existing environmentally harmful products

A successful first claim of £19,200 for this mechanics business.

This company sells, maintains, and repairs motorcycles and their related parts, tools, and accessories. The firm’s research looks for cost-effective solutions to increase the variety of products available to their customers. Their R&D involves developing software, prototypes and innovative solutions to problems that motorcyclists face and to streamline their internal and customer systems

A solid first claim of £52,000 for Sheffield based business.

The company develops the latest innovations in internal glass partitioning. The company seek to develop the highest quality, easiest to install, and most cost-effective and safest forms of glass partitioning. To ensure these properties, the firm carry out substantial levels of extremely complex and expensive testing.

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