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£118k Awarded to Five Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. Wales based laser cladding and laser hardening company receives £10k

Founded in 2014, the company is one of only two UK-based companies who can provide laser-cladding and hardening services for unique and bespoke parts and projects. The very precise nature of the process allows the quality of the coating to be accurately controlled. The very fast cooling rate associated with laser cladding produces fine, high-strength microstructures in the weld, with minimal effect on the mechanical properties of the base material. The company’s second speciality, laser hardening, does not involve a feed material. It is a heat treatment which uses a high-powered laser to harden the surface of steel or cast-iron components.

  1. Cornwall based building and construction company awarded £52k for R&D work

The company was incorporated in 1984. Since then, the company has embraced new technologies as they have become available and have also helped in the development of machinery and software for the Trussed Rafter Industry as a whole. From initial design to delivery, the company embraces the latest technologies. The company assist in the development of a solution and can offer a competitive, on time delivery of any fully engineered product tailored to any specific needs.

  1. Nottinghamshire based car parts company receives £25k taking total claims to £74k over four years

Incorporated in 2012, the company specialises in Peugeot and Citroën rear axles and suspension parts. The company offers a delivery service within the local area and a mail order service to cater for customers further afield. A fitting service for all parts including axle bearing shafts is available on request. The Company’s new workshop has allowed them to expand further, enabling output to reach up to 50 axles per day. With a new purpose-built axle facility in the Vale of Belvoir, IM Axle have been able to increase the quantity of builds whilst maintaining a high quality of production.

  1. Shropshire based conservation and restoration company awarded £18k taking total claims over four years to £56k

Incorporated in 2016, the company specialises in the restoration, conservation, and repair of traditional and historic buildings. The company is committed to reducing the impact of its work on the environment, adopting a responsible policy on the safe disposal of any waste, the recycling of materials and the reduction of waste. The company combines modern construction philosophy with traditional skills, and exemplary workmanship of in-house craft trades.

  1. Norfolk based antiques company receives £12k in first R&D claim

The company was initially established to enable interior designers and commercial builders’ access to a wealth of quality, historical items that include architectural features, bricks, doors, urns, and timber but also fine interior antiquities and curiosities. In 2012 the company broadened their client base to include the public. The company has developed a highly effective progress which enables goods to be immediately itemised, catalogued, and published on the company’s website within seven days. Recently the company has enabled growth by working with the TV and Film industry to provide antiques and props.

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