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£109k Awarded to Four Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. A London based recruitment company awarded £12k in first claim

Established in 2011, the company is a Microsoft focused technology recruitment partner. They believe in creating and maintaining professional relationships by partnering with organisations to supply the best talent. The company has one of the UK’s most extensive SharePoint and Office 365 skills database including Developers, Consultants, Architects, Support, Project Managers, and Sales specialists.

  1. Merseyside social media marketing company received £51k taking total claims over three years to £96k

Founded in 2011, as a key supplier of Legal Lead Generation, SMDA’s delivery mechanism allows clients to purchase a known quantity of leads that are delivered in real-time which are fully opt-in and delivered to clients on a White Label basis with full CRM integration, allowing for transparent and seamless budgeting with a fully streamlined process. In 2018, SMDA shifted its focus firmly to the future, predicting great change in the legal sector. In anticipation, of developing new areas of marketing and diversifying our partnerships with a portfolio style approach. Working with the best of litigation funders and legal insurance specialists to develop unrivalled service to key names in the industry, and ultimately sharing in their successes.

  1. Cambridgeshire based engineering company awarded £38k for first claim

Incorporated in 2014, the company specialises in fabrication, pipework, and installations, particularly in the process engineering field. The company develops, manufactures, and installs site specific engineered solutions, to facilitate manufacturing processes for a variety of industries, including foods, oil refining, food processing, packaging, and chemical production, as well as carrying out more general fabrication and welding.

  1. West Midlands metal spinning and fabrication received £8k for their first R&D claim

The company is the UK’s industry leader in the metal spinning and sheet metal fabrication sectors. They often undertake metal forming and metal spinning for a large range of components in many industry sectors. The company can provide aircraft approvals, a wide array of all types of machinery, prototype and development work, CNC lathe for quantity work up to 1 meter diameter, and hand spinning up to 2 meters in diameter. With the ability to spin all types of metal with all types of finishes available, they deliver a fast and efficient service.

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