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£100k Awarded to Six Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. Bristol based structural engineering firm awarded £9k

Founded in 2017, the company was established to provide structural engineering services for domestic, residential, and small commercial projects. Working on historic buildings, as well as both old and new properties for individual clients, each project requires extensive research and bespoke development to create a unique solution. Such is the challenging and innovative nature of developing advancements in engineering that sometimes, even after a long period of development and many iterations, the company remains unable to produce an adequate solution and look for an alternative.

  1. Leicestershire based manufacturers of bespoke kitchen furniture received £43k

Established in 1995 and incorporated in 2005, the company is recognised as being one of the finest manufacturers of bespoke kitchen furniture in the UK and national publications regularly feature their work. The quality of the products matched with the eloquence of design ensures commissions throughout the UK and overseas. The company’s reputation has been built upon its highly skilled craftsmen and they did not want to lose this point. This has led them to consider how modern manufacturing techniques can be used to make the process more efficient, allowing the craftsmen to focus most of their time on the finish and other tasks where mechanisation detracts from the quality.

  1. Hertfordshire based manufacturers of desking products awarded £17k

Established in 2019, the company specialises in manufacturing, shipping, and distributing decking product. Run by a chartered engineer involved in the construction sector, the company benefits from extensive experience in developing new materials. The company is focused on material and product development particularly regarding fire-testing. Their main product is a non-combustible decking board which provides a high-quality look and feel for residential and commercial applications.

  1. Lincolnshire based agriculture company awarded £7k taking total claims to £17k

The company has over 20 years of experience in UK agriculture with first-hand experience at the grassroots, public sector, and private corporate levels. It works in partnership with global leaders in technology and manufacturing and this allows it to bring innovative and commercial solutions to customers. The company’s focus is to provide advanced farm solutions designed to lower costs, improved performance, higher profits, and smarter farm management. This allows farmers to address core farming issues and take back some control in an industry controlled by policy, weather, and market volatility.

  1. Wales based animal supplements company received £7k taking total claims to £19k

The company was incorporated in 2012 and was founded with the intention of providing a range of high-quality well-researched products containing plant compounds that were known to support horses with laminitis, equine metabolic syndrome (EMS) and obesity. The company’s vision is to provide a step-change in pet health management by fusing genomic microbiome analysis, on-site portable DNA sequencing and artificial intelligence (Al) based machine learning (ML). Integration of such key enabling technology will allow for pattern recognition in large datasets hitherto impossible for humans to identify.

  1. London based structural engineering firm awarded £17k

The company provides strategic definition, concept planning, technical design and structural engineering expertise for the refurbishment and new build markets in and around Greater London. In recent years, the company has actively sought to develop specific expertise in the expansion of embedded carbon projects – particularly vertical expansion and the addition of storeys on top of existing building stock – developed & built during Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian times, with a focus on carbon neutrality and zero carbon.

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