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£494k Awarded to Ten Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. London based hair care group awarded £11k

Established in 2019, the group founded by several London-based scientists and planet lovers. Focused on creating novel hair care products, they strive to develop natural, vegan, plant-based products that also offer sustainability and gentleness. Looking to innovate the way hair is washed, the company regularly dedicates significant research and development effort to finding improved solutions for the typical time-consuming, expensive routine which generates a lot of plastic waste.

  1. Leicestershire based HVAC company received £39k

Incorporated in 2015 the company began its corporate life manufacturing air-conditioning systems and whilst the company continues to work in general fields, it has become a specialist in developing extremely challenging medical applications where specifications are very exacting and technical challenges are plentiful.

  1. Cornwall based moulding company awarded £8k

The company specialises in film infusion Reusable Silicone Technology (fiRST). This system provides the more cost-effective solution to infusion moulding by employing reusable membranes, which replace consumable films and incorporate many other infusion film requirements including seals, resin feed channels and vacuum porting into the reusable fiRST membrance (vacuum bag).

  1. London based software company received £13k

The company looked to develop an algorithm to minimise the total travel time within the bands and profiles of customers. The idea is to do haircuts by appointment and by region to maximise the number of haircuts that can take place in a short period of time. The application will work with the schedule of the barbers and the preference of the customers and organise it as efficiently as possible with the barber not having to travel any further than needed.

  1. Greater Manchester based software company awarded £5k

The company has increasingly sought to invest in technology to accelerate and enhance product development, expand its range of bespoke products, and refine in-house capabilities of manufacturing jewellery.

  1. London based manufacturing firm received £60k

The company is a specialist developer and manufacturer of containers for food products, with a focus on making custom packaging solutions using recycled materials that can be repurposed after initial use. The company specialises in food-friendly, In-Mould Labelled (IML) printed containers that range in size from 120 ml up to 1,200 ml.

  1. Oxfordshire based electrical installation company awarded £143k in first claim

The company offers a complete integrated commercial property electrical installation and maintenance service, backed by a team of fully qualified and experienced commercial electricians who work in close conjunction with the client to bring their bespoke vision to reality thus creating modern workspaces of the highest possible quality.

  1. Leicestershire based moulding company received £25k

The company is a specialist manufacturer of blow and rotational moulds for customers across the UK. Investment in the latest machinery and employees’ skills has enabled the company to progress in a marketplace where tough competition from China is oppressive. Skilled engineers have gained the company’s reputation for excellent quality work, reliability, and well-established relationships with credible companies.

  1. Nottinghamshire based printing company awarded £28k

The company provides printed banners, display items and flags. The company is constantly researching to improve and develop services with fast lead times at a low price. The company prints on to polyester fabrics for many industries, mainly for advertising and marketing for exhibitions including indoor and outdoor branding.

  1. Nottinghamshire based fabrication company received £70k

The company offers a versatile service for fabrication & machining small batch and prototype products up to 20 tonnes. With a wealth of experience, the company is supported by several close-knit satellite sub-contract facilities. Each of these has its own specialised capabilities which, when brought together, offers the best possible products at the most competitive prices.

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