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£1.19m awarded to four clients

Author: Gareth Smyth

Nottingham based business receives a cash award worth £76K making their total claim to date £223.5K                     

Based in Nottingham, the company has been at the forefront of the gas service industry since its incorporation almost 40 years ago.

The company has implemented R&D strategy to enable them to become one of the leading suppliers of refurbished gas cylinders. A primary focus has been placed on creating innovative approaches such as a hydraulic test equipment through intense trialling and complex problem solving. In addition to this the company also has an environmental policy to minimise energy and waste.

Derby based business is awarded £31K from HMRC bringing their total sum to £232.5K          

The Derbyshire business began with a primary focus on handling equipment for the brewing industry. Although, the business has since diversified to serve a wider range of sectors.

The company uses R&D to innovate hydraulics and automation to ensure they could be a one-stop service. R&D also generated a new IT infrastructure structured methodical approach to bespoke projects through intense trialling and problem solving.

First claim results in £438k being awarded to a London based company

A leading global specialist in the design and build of custom customer multi-channel contact centres has been awarded £438K.

The company develops custom solutions for every customer which has allowed the company to use R&D to generate innovative solutions.

The company invest significantly in R&D to develop new technology solutions and deliverables for the improvement of customer management processes, building custom prototype systems internally to facilitate this process.

Northamptonshire company receives a claim of £51K bringing their total to £299.6K  

The Northamptonshire company operates within the metals packaging sector. Due to the fast-paced nature of the sector the company regularly carries out new product development to produce high-quality products via their highly skilled and dedicated employees.

R&D has assisted in the production of bespoke samples and new developments in machinery and processes. This has been achieved by using problem solving and trailing to achieve technological breakthroughs.

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