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"Having randd uk on board as a trusted partner keeps our R&D tax options open"

Author: Tom Mason

Providing accountancy, tax and business advisory services, Verallo supports owner-managed businesses and their growth goals from its Henley-on-Thames office.

Recognised for its expertise, entrepreneurial approach and client trust, the firm establishes lasting relationships with clients, blending traditional accountancy services with a contemporary, personalised advisory offering.

The Verallo tax team works with randd UK to develop solid, successful R&D tax claims with confidence – putting trust and regulatory compliance at the centre of the relationship.

Before randd

Prior to establishing a relationship with randd, the firm provided in-house R&D tax claim support to clients.

Tax Partner, Ollie Turner, said: “When working on claims in-house, clients would do a lot of drafting; we’d work with them on the numbers and then submit on their behalf.”

“We reviewed this service internally when HMRC made things more complex and raised expectations regarding the level of detail required for a successful claim.”

“At this point, we considered whether we should continue offering the service in-house or find a suitable specialist to work with”

“We were keen to continue to offer this service to our clients, so we sought out an adviser that we could work with and who we trusted to align with us and the way we operate.”

Integrity at the core

Client trust sits at the core of Verallo’s approach, so the firm sought a partner which it could rely on to make “well-informed, good quality claims.”

“We went out and spoke to a few providers,” said Ollie. “Then a mutual contact introduced us to Ryan (Managing Director of randd UK) and spoke very highly of him and the team. We liked what we heard so we decided to start working with them on a trial basis.

“It was important for us to work with a well-established R&D tax provider. The sector has had operators in the past that have earned a poor reputation for R&D tax advisers, so we wanted to make sure that our chosen specialists could make valid claims and provide support for any enquiries that subsequently arose.”

“randd UK has a sensible but not overly conservative approach to R&D tax claims, which works for us.”

A personalised approach

The Verallo team prides itself on delivering a highly tailored service that meets the needs of individual businesses and business owners – looking for the same values in its R&D tax partner.

Ollie continued: “The team at randd UK is really personable, which is important for us dealing with owner-managed businesses and directly with their owners. We have ongoing relationships with our clients, and we always want to be comfortable putting our advisers in front of clients when we make a referral.

“They’re always willing to pick up the phone and answer our questions and the knowledge that they provide to us as a team has been great.

“When we make a referral, they’re prompt in getting something set up with the client. They’re willing to collaborate with us rather than taking over from us, so it’s a collaborative relationship which works really well.”

The quality of work

Ollie particularly noted the quality and success of claims that his team have been able to produce in partnership with randd UK and our consultancy team.

“Everything has been positive so far. The final reports read well and look good – they’re the type of reports that we’d be confident putting in front of HMRC. They’re well thought out and well presented and the quality has been consistently excellent.

“We’ve had a number of successful claims and clients have been pleased with how things are going. We’re constantly working with randd UK to get them in front of more of our clients and make more referrals, so that we can grow our service – offering us the opportunity to identify areas of untapped potential in the R&D tax space.

“Having them on board as a trusted partner allows us to keep R&D tax as an option and differentiate our practice.

“It has also made a lot of commercial sense. If we still offered this in-house, it’s likely that it would consume a huge amount of our resources due to the new regulations and enquiry programme from HMRC.

“R&D tax has become very specialist, almost moving away from being a tax service and more to a technical advisory service, meaning support is essential for small and mid-size firms.

“We’d definitely be happy to recommend randd to other firms in a similar position. It’s become such a specialist area that you need to have providers that you can rely on, and we can rely on randd UK.”

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