Who are we?


Randd specialise in securing R&D Tax Credits and we’ve claimed back over £123 million for our clients, to date. Our 100% success rate in processing over 2300 claims (which rises daily). Our average claim is over £50,000, the randd team work tirelessly to maximize your claim whilst minimising your time required. Plus, you won’t need to speak to HMRC, we do all that on your behalf, so all gain with no pain!

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How does it work?


R&D Tax Credits are a cash reward not a loan and are given out for innovation, technology or research and development activities. You may think that is not your industry but chances are, there is a part of your business that fits the bill. We can claim for internal development projects, when creating customer prototypes or samples and much more.

why now?

During the COVID crisis, HMRC is proving more eager to keep healthy businesses alive. Now is the ideal time to increase your businesses cash-flow. Don’t miss out on tens of thousands of pounds worth of Tax Credits – claim today.