Sector: Manufacturing & Engineering

Claim Value: £40,000

“R&D tax credits have given me the confidence to invest further in R&D for the business."

WCM&A Ltd, a British manufacturer of badges, promotional merchandise and awards based in Herefordshire, worked with Randd UK to submit a R&D tax credits claim to HMRC. After completing a series of claims over two years, WCM&A received a total claim of around £40,000 over that period.

Since 1976, WCM&A have developed an impressive range of badges, promotional merchandise and awards, selling exclusively to trade buyers.

As leaders in innovation, WCM&A use research and development to adapt to market changes and showcase new products / materials to important trade suppliers. Their intense trialling and problem solving skills have firmly placed WCM&A at the forefront of the industry as they were the first UK manufacturers in their sector to: use 4-colour printing and produce thin aluminium clutch pin badges.

Highly experienced staff carry out research and development to create extremely bespoke products with new materials and production methods. In-house software development that is unique within the sector has been implemented to make ordering more efficient, both internally and externally; this increases efficiency within the company.

R&D tax credits have enabled WCM&A to employ new staff to accelerate their product development, particularly with their whole new range of real wood merchandise and awards which are unique to UK trade supply in promotional merchandise.

“[R&D tax credits have] given me the confidence to invest further in R&D for the business, knowing that we will get the credits now that I understand what is required.” Explained Simon Adam, Managing Director at WCM&A.

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