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Water and Air Hygiene Management Company

Sector: Chemicals & Sealants

"The company’s successful R&D claim has allowed them to stay at the forefront of their sector."

This business is a water and air hygiene management company that help and guide companies into becoming fully compliant with the current legislations. They offer a complete package including a risk assessment and monitoring programme, as well as cleaning and maintenance guidance. They use online management software to schedule and record the tasks associated with the control of water and air hygiene and are registered with multiple regulatory bodies which gives them a reputation of providing a first-class service. Their elite reputation enables them to work in key industries, such as healthcare and to be regarded as a leading force in the industry.

To enhance their service, the company fosters a culture of innovation where new ideas are encouraged and explored. The firm has a dedicated team of skilled engineers to overcome technical uncertainties that arise through innovation and R&D. The firm has used R&D to develop their own bespoke new machinery and automated software. These projects have required bespoke solutions through intense trialling and problem solving.

The company’s successful R&D claim has allowed them to stay at the forefront of their sector, as they have invested the money in furthering their R&D efforts as well as investing in new machinery, methodology and staff. The nature of their business means the firm must stay up to date with changing legislation and regulations which means having a state of the art information and tracking system and training regime is of paramount importance.

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