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The Applied Group

Sector: Farming & Agriculture
Randduk: Expert R&D Tax Credit Specialists supporting The Applied Group in Farming & Agriculture

“Given what randd were able to reclaim for us, it was probably the most valuable hours that I’ve spent working for a long while.”

Based in Derbyshire, The Applied Group are globally renowned experts in agricultural facilities and bespoke farming solutions. The highly skilled team go the extra mile to push innovation through research and development.

The Applied Group first heard about R&D tax credits through a networking event for businessmen to meet with the local MP to discuss relevant issues. After the initial meeting, randd instantly recognised eligible activities and realised that everyday work carried out by the Company was actually innovation.

David was happy with the outcome of randd’s services and pleased that randd’s commission, which is only payable once the client receives their was clear from the start with no hidden agenda and no hidden costs. It was easy to work with randd as the process required minimal input from our client.  David Speller, Managing Director at The Allied Group said: “Given what you were able to reclaim for us, it was probably the most valuable hours that I’ve spent working for a long while.”

R&D tax credits sustained the business through a challenging couple of years where innovation took priority over pushing new business. The Company have now overcome a difficult financial period and the rewards from investment in innovation are now beginning to gain momentum.

David continued: “[The R&D tax credits claim] helped us with the bank as they gave us an overdraft whereas they wouldn’t before, off the back of they knew what was coming through. We’re grateful, thank you.”

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