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This company are manufacturers in the sports industry and are involved in the creation of foldable cycling helmets

Sector: Manufacturing & Engineering, Textiles & Fabrics

Claim Value: £22,625.32

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This company is a manufacturer in the sports industry and is involved in the creation of foldable cycling helmets. The goal of the company is to provide a helmet that is easy to transport and fold away in the hope it will encourage more cyclists to wear them making it safer. They wanted to combine cycling innovation and technology to solve the problem many cyclists face which is helmets being too large to put in a bag, especially for those cycling in urban areas that commute to work. This impacts people’s desire to ride a bike and increases the rider’s risk of injury as not wearing a helmet can result in serious injury.

The company believes that finding more ecofriendly ways to travel is better for the planet and better for our health as cycling helps us to stay active which is why they want to make cycling simpler and safer by creating a helmet that is made with recycled ocean plastic that fits in a computer bag. Whilst folding helmets are available on the market, they are costly, unreliable, and complex. To ensure their product overcame these issues, the firm did extensive consumer research by conducting surveys, 1 to 1 interviews, and running user testing groups to get a better understanding of what their customers wanted. This helped them produce a working prototype that was low cost and packable. They also used R&D to develop detailed design work, a groundbreaking tool for manufacturing and first-class safety testing which required the business to employ specialist designers to work on helmet design and to test functionality.

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