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Purpose Media

Sector: Marketing & Media

Claim Value: £110,000

“randd made it really easy for us and we were able to claim over £110,000 worth of tax credits."

Based in South Normanton, Purpose Media (UK) Limited, a full-service marketing agency with multiple disciplines all in-house marketing services, including design, web development, video, and digital marketing, worked with randd to submit their R&D tax credits claim. After completing a series of claims, Purpose Media received a total sum of £110,000.

A full team of in-house digital specialists carry out research and development to push innovation and ensure that client demands are met to a high standard.

Many of Purpose Media’s clients were struggling to integrate multiple backend systems within their website. As Katrina Starkie, Director at Purpose Media explained, “It made it difficult for their customers to actually get what they wanted easily and it made it difficult for the company to actually track orders and processes through the “back end” of the site”.

To overcome this challenge, the agency developed a bespoke e-commerce website that is a highly user-friendly and a persuasive web-based sales platform; this is able to meet the exact requirements of clients’ businesses. Their core design delivers a range of possibilities that cannot be matched by off-the-shelf systems, enabling their sites to include features like graphical product builders and online applications.

Katrina Starkie, Director at Purpose, Media, paid a glowing testament to randd following the successful claim: “randd made it really easy for us and we were able to claim over £110,000 worth of tax credits, which is amazing. We can reinvest that straight into our business.”

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