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Olympus Technologies

Sector: Manufacturing & Engineering, Software & IT

Claim Value: £106,271

“Working with randd is a seamless engagement… when the initial paperwork comes through it can be daunting, but it looks like there’s more work than there is.”

Olympus Technologies specialises in Industrial and Collaborative Robotics, Automation and Welding Technologies. Based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, the firm has excelled in producing first class robotics for their wide- spread customer base. By working with randd uk, the firm has received £106,271 in R&D tax credits over the span of 5 years.

R&D tax credits have given the business confidence to build off the shelf solutions when creating their automation solutions as the incentive works as a “fallback position…because if we put time and money into R&D then we know we are getting some of our costs covered, hence reducing the risk of the investment.”
With the help of R&D tax credits, Olympus Technologies have already launched 2 new products in 2021. In a collaboration with Colchester Machine Tool Solutions, they have produced a solution to tend a laser marking machine with a robot. This enables faster and more consistent automation of the laser marking process. They have also launched an interface to the Igus Linear Track which extends the reach and flexibility of the Universal Robot. The track has configurable lengths from 1-6 metres, infinite programmable positions and integrated safety, making it the perfect cost-effective solution to add reach and flexibility to new projects or existing cells.


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Olympus Technologies

Sector: Manufacturing & Engineering, Software & IT

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