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Medical and Pharmaceutical Specialist

Sector: Medical & Pharmaceutical
Randduk: Expert R&D Tax Credit Specialists in the Medical & Pharmaceutical Sector

This firm was established over a decade ago with the aim of bringing a better level of support to cardiopulmonary diagnostics. The company excels at maintaining a close relationship with manufacturers and providing the latest technology to users. The company’s staff have many years of experience in cardiopulmonary diagnostics which allows them to fully understand the requirements of their customers. The company strives for excellence as they understand that it is not the user that suffers when equipment fails but the patient. Their team have spent extended periods working in clinical environments with their customers which allowed them to see the everyday problems that are faced in the sector. This first-hand experience allows the company to find genuine solutions with their manufacturing partners to challenges that face the industry, and their proactive team are always ready to offer solutions on time and on budget.

The company’s tight- knit workforce are ready to take on niche situations which requires extensive R&D. They provide solutions for respiratory, cardiology, pre- operative assessment, educational facilities, pre-habilitation and private clients. The company provide hardware solutions as well as bespoke innovation for these industries as well as ground- breaking developments. Their products include spirometry tests that look at how much air an individual can inhale and exhale in a period of time, and cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) that is used in hospitals enabling physicians to determine the underlying cause of shortness of breath. These tools ensure patients are put on the right treatment programmes and their symptoms are monitored effectively. CPET can also be used to obtain a diagnosis from a person during exercise which allows experts to determine a patient’s fitness prior to surgery which allows the surgical and aesthetic teams to determine the person’s post-operative level of care, better catering for the patient’s needs.

The firm have undertaken a large number of R&D projects that have required bespoke solutions through intense trialling and problem solving, with the aim of satisfying customer needs through technological breakthroughs.


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