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Sector: Aviation & Marine

"The business has used R&D to extend its testing of a new airship that can navigate remote areas of the world."

This company is largely owned and managed by the directors of the business, making it a tight-knit organisation. The specialist nature of this business meant they were approached by a manufacturer to work alongside them to produce new products for the aviation industry. This is unusual as aircraft manufacturers do not usually own and operate their own products. However, the history and expertise of the company meant they were the manufacturers first choice. The business has particular expertise with helium assisted hardware, as well as access to global and niche markets. The company has a record of building a successful air fleet and has gained certifications from aviation authorities globally. They have also arranged commercial operating schedules in extreme climates, implementing specialist training programmes for aircraft staff whilst maintaining quality assurance.

The business has used R&D to extend its testing of a new airship that can navigate remote areas of the world, providing an operational business model for future airships to follow. The firm’s design is an industry first, with the vessel designed to transport cargo and passengers to remote parts of the world, using less fuel and emitting less carbon dioxide than alternatives. They have developed completely new technology and methodology to create the airship using extensive R&D. Their R&D projects have required bespoke solutions through intense trialling and problem solving in an attempt to win and satisfy customer needs through technological breakthroughs.

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