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Specialist in Extrusion Tooling and Subcontract Machining

Sector: Manufacturing & Engineering

Claim Value: £175,259.73

Randduk: Expert R&D Tax Credit Specialists empowering manufacturing and engineering sectors with financial benefits

“We have used randd’s services to complete our R&D tax claim for several years now. They make the process easy, informative and most importantly rewarding. I have recommended them to several of my business associates and each one that has taken up their services has been equally impressed.”

A specialist in Extrusion Tooling and Subcontract Machining, the company is based upon 3 principles: experience, knowledge, quality. Their team has over 40 years of experience in the manufacture and use of extrusion tooling for the metal extrusion industry.

The company initially set out to manufacture a variety of extrusion toolings such as dies, mandrels, and pressure pads but they have branched out into machining long slender shafts and other difficult-to-machine components due to customer demand. Their team’s technical skills have allowed them to fulfill complex work which has given them a stellar reputation in the niche market.

Their expertise in precision engineering has been furthered by their dedication to first-class quality and timely delivery as well as their problem- solving skills and commitment to R&D. They have used capital investment and up-skilling to expand their capabilities and have used R&D techniques such as trailing and problem solving to develop their products and processes.

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