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Linton Tweeds

Sector: Manufacturing & Engineering, Textiles & Fabrics

"Speak to randd – they’ll tell you whether or not you’ve got a claim and they’ll look after it for you."

Established in 1912, Linton Tweeds Limited are based in Carlisle and produce innovative fabrics to export to top fashion houses across the globe. Their reputation as world leaders in this field stems from the company’s unique tweeds with combinations of yarns and colours that no other producer in the world can match. This creates huge demand from leaders in the fashion industry who want to avoid imitations. Full of history, the company have thrived for over a century and continue to develop with their world-renowned fabrics due to their commitment to research and development.

Pushing innovation, Linton Tweeds constantly carry out R&D with the combination of multiple yarns with different characteristics in manufacturing, dying and washing. The fashion industry demands rapid supply, seasonal changes and new innovations in woven fabrics such as the increased use of exotic yarns.

The R&D tax credits claimed through the services of randd have enabled the building of a laboratory in-house for testing fabrics. Keith Walker, Managing Director of Linton Tweeds, commented on the process and working with randd: “Most businesses have an element of research and development in them. Speak to randd – they’ll tell you whether or not you’ve got a claim and they’ll look after it for you. They established our story from the very beginning and have helped to develop that story.”

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