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Sector: Energy
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"The firm has used R&D to test new machinery and materials."

This firm develops a wide range of heating and hot water systems, often using non-standard fuels, for biomass heating projects at commercial and industrial applications. Their products seek the best solution for their customers including biomass, solar, ground source, air source and natural ventilation schemes.

There have been huge strides made in the biomass industry in the last few years. Biomass is a renewable organic material that comes from plants and animals which contains stored chemical energy from the sun. When burned, biomass acts as an energy source that acts as an alternative to burning harmful fossil fuels. Biomass is being used as a greener alternative because non- standard fuels that are hard to recycle can be burned instead of them going to landfill. This greener method of creating energy underpins the company’s ethos and they now supply alternative heating solutions to clients across the UK.

The business has an expert team with over 40 years of experience and knowledge building, that allows them to remain at the cutting edge of advancements within the industry. The organisation has excelled in devising and producing novel systems for non-standard fuels that broaden the scope of environmental heating systems. To facilitate their innovations, the firm has used R&D to test new machinery and materials which required detailed trial and error and putting theory into practice. Outcomes of R&D projects were often uncertain and at a large cost to the company with no guaranteed return. This risk taking has allowed the firm to achieve industry firsts and has gained them a stellar reputation. Since receiving their successful R&D tax credit claim, the organisation has spent the money on further developing their products and processes.

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