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Sector: Energy, Manufacturing & Engineering
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This business provides engineering services to the nuclear decommissioning industry. The firm’s main interests lie in Robotic Laser size reduction of nuclear Waste as well as developing processes for two waste streams. The business also works on extending previous decontaminations works through their systems and technologies.

Their de-contamination work focuses on developing and proving machinery which uses trials to produce and supplying hardware to aid the process. They also used LED scanning to take accurate measurements of complexly shaped contaminated items and machining of surfaces to remove contamination. The business has done extensive R&D to test new machine ideas and ways to reduce contamination in future materials.

The company’s R&D involves challenging developments and may result in making losses to try to achieve a vision or technological development, which is a substantial risk to the firm. They have worked tirelessly to improve the recycling of otherwise seriously contaminated and difficult to handle materials, whilst reducing long term energy costs and damage to the environment.

Considerable time has been spent on finding solutions to technically challenging problems through running trials on-site. R&D projects include:

  • Advancing technologies to remove materials
  • Robotics to enable non-human contact machining and processing
  • Development of numerous software packages to enable totally automated machining processes.

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