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DISC Holdings

Sector: Software & IT

We were delighted to get some money in, and the first payment was quite significant”

DISC Holdings Limited are innovators in banking technology. Based in Surrey, the company constantly push the boundaries of technology to develop a new approach to the banking system targeted at lower wealth demographics.

A handpicked team of highly skilled individuals are continuing to contribute an enormous amount of research and development in the creation and extension of the DISC platform. The main innovation involves the creation of a shared immutable database updated according to a series of consensus mechanisms.

This means that for a transaction to be written to the database, it has to have been agreed by relevant parties. That eliminates all post transaction reconciliation work. The distributed nature of the shared database provides additional security and resilience.

R&D tax credits have enabled DISC to carry out additional development work and invest in other areas of the business such as marketing and advertising.

Robert Kay, Founder and Chief Executive of DISC, commented on R&D tax credits: “I would say they have enabled us to do some things that we wouldn’t have otherwise been able to do. We were delighted to get some money in, and we’ve been fortunate with DISC. The first payment was quite significant”

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