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Cosmetics and Personal Care Company

Sector: Cosmetics & Personal Care
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This cosmetics and personal care company is a family run business that was established almost 40 years ago. The firm has gone from strength to strength within the industry, focusing on natural and eco- friendly products.

The idea for the business started when one family member who suffered from psoriasis, discovered whilst milking the family goats that the milk helped ease the soreness an itching from her condition. This inspired the creation of the brand’s first product that used goats milk as its prime ingredient to soothe irritated skin. This led the family to conduct their own research and development into other natural skincare remedies. They found the benefits of honey skincare products which later inspired a honey range.

Their products have since become cult favourites amongst those individuals who expose their skin to chemicals, harsh environments and manual labour. To this day, the company hand-makes all of its products, and still use their traditional recipes, whilst using the minimum equipment.

The brand are pioneers in green working practices and their production methods follow eco-friendly protocol as the family are passionate about protecting the environment and all the benefits it provides. In return, the business help preserve it by using recyclable materials and by minimising their carbon footprint.

Every product is specifically developed to meet the needs of customers whilst using natural ingredients and complying with the company’s stance on green practices. R&D allows them to tailor make products to specifications such as moisturising, soothing, repairing whilst delivering optimal benefits to skin. R&D also allows the company to ensure their products have a long enough shelf- life to make them commercially viable.

The company’s R&D includes a process of trial and error for each new product to ensure ultimate consumer satisfaction, consistency and reliability. The firm avoid using synthetic ingredients in their products and use microbiological challenge testing to determine the behaviour of organisms in products as some contain active ingredients. They also do this to test what organisms can develop within formulas over time. The company must ensure that the performance of their formulas will not deteriorate over time as well as adhering to legislative criteria and being safe to use.

The business maintains a good relationship with their customers, both meeting them at events and tradeshows whilst valuing their feedback. At these events, consumers can put forward requests for new products which helps the firm continually innovate and generate ideas for new product development. Their latest R&D projects include the creation of a vegan range and new formulations for soaps and lotions.


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