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Bridge & Stitch

Sector: Manufacturing & Engineering, Textiles & Fabrics
Randduk: Expert R&D Tax Credit Specialists supporting Bridge-Stitch Company in innovation and financial growth

"Sourcing a specialist provider like randd is beneficial because it means my time can be better utilised elsewhere in the business”

Nottingham-based clothing manufacturer, Bridge & Stitch Ltd, have successfully been awarded R&D tax credits through the service of randd.

Bridge & Stitch’s R&D tax credits application came at a time when they were transitioning into a business consultancy, developing strategies and growth plans for creative businesses. With an in-depth knowledge and wide breadth of experience, Director Rachael Hobbs has carried out research and development projects on a daily basis at Bridge & Stitch.

Already aware of the R&D tax credits scheme, Rachael was surprised to hear that the company qualified, and so the company’s accountant, Clayton Brewill recommended Bridge & Stitch to randd.

Optimising claim sizes with minimum effort required from the client, randd uk have streamlined the process for busy business owners like Rachael, who said: “randd have made the process very easy, simple and straightforward. R&D tax credits is a niche area where not many people have a lot of experience. For me, sourcing a specialist provider like randd is beneficial because my time can be better utilised elsewhere in the business”.

Seeking advice from specialists in this niche area allows companies to often achieve larger returns and confidently claim with limited risk, time required and worry.

Rachael continued: “randd were knowledgeable and experienced, able to work swiftly and efficiently to identify qualifying areas and maximise relief. I can’t fault their processes and would highly recommend them.”

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