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BPX Electro-Mechanical Company

Sector: Manufacturing & Engineering, Security & Electrical
Randduk: Expert R&D Tax Credit Specialists supporting BPX Electro-Mechanical-Company's innovation and growth

"BPX Electro-Mechanical were delighted to have received a six figure sum through the services of randd"

BPX Electro-Mechanical Company Limited, part of the BPX Group, are a Leicester-based technical specialist that operates in the world of industrial control and factory automation. The company have successfully been awarded R&D tax credits through the services of randd and were delighted to have received a six figure sum in return.

The highly skilled team at BPX Electro-Mechanical go the extra mile through the use of research and development to ensure excellent customer satisfaction and encourage employees to develop skills through courses and events.

Research and development is used to assist customers with automating their products, ensuring that state-of-the-art solutions can be achieved, and also sometimes required to introduce new software or provide off-the-shelf control solutions.

Guy Collins, Managing Director of BPX Electro-Mechanical, first heard about randd through the company’s accountants, who suggested they would qualify for R&D tax credits.

Mr Collins commented: “At first we thought that we wouldn’t qualify, but after a conversation with randd, we quickly realised that most of our daily activities actually qualified for the credits available.

“I would suggest to anybody that may have an R&D claim to get in touch with randd.”

BPX Electro-Mechanical are now keen to push innovation further and will continue to make claims through randd.

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