News Bulletin: 28/03/2017

£50k for restoration company in North West

randd has secured another R&D claim for over £8k for a company based in the North West that specialises in the restoration of window systems from medieval church windows to 1950’s public buildings. This claim is in addition to over £40k already recovered, bringing the total claimed to £50K.

£70k for Nottingham-based company

rannd uk have secured another cash refund for our client today. This Nottingham-based company specialises in bespoke mouldings, which it also exports around the globe. This year we have recovered £30k for the company, this is in addition to the £40k we recovered for them last year. Such tax rebates are being continually invested in new projects.

Continued success means £100k for Midlands company

randd uk secure another regular client with £16k of tax savings this year. The Midlands-based company have an arm which develops new forms of food processing. The refund this year is on addition to similar refunds we’ve secured for them in the past couple of years, taking their total tax rebates to nearly £100k.

First R&D claim a success for South Yorkshire SME

A small South Yorkshire engineering company joined forces with randd uk to process its first ever R&D tax credits claim. The company developed parts for trailers, lifts, drills and even a part for a gun. They were bang on with their selection of randd to handle their claim.

£110k+ for tweed manufacturer

A long-established tweed manufacturer based in the North West of England has received in excess of £31,000 for its development work this year, to add to the £80,000 received 12 months earlier. Weaving specialist cloths for the high-end female fashion industry is the company’s strength; weaving randd uk into their activities was clearly another smart move.

East Midlands firm receives over £66k

An East Midlands after-market exhaust developer has benefitted from a £33,000 claim, similar to the successful claim made a year ago. Whether you want an exhaust on a bike or a car, for performance or aesthetics, randd’s client will provide you with the finest system available whilst for performance and making your bottom line look good in the R&D Tax Credits arena, there’s no better partner than randd.

Over £100k for Manchester-based software developer

A Manchester-based software developer has received a £34,000 R&D Tax Credits claim to take their rewards for innovation to close on £100,000 in the last two years. Improved banking transaction times and developing methods of using smartphones to pay for retail transactions were just two areas of the company’s latest developments.

Family-owned SME receives £11k+

A first-time claim for a small family-owned thin metal engineering company saw them awarded in excess of £11.5k. The East Yorkshire-based company works as a sub-contractor to much bigger operations, solving their engineering problems. Their biggest client has trusted them with work for over 70 years!

£22k for a new Scottish client

Based in Scotland, a software developer that specialises in creating platforms for organisations or individuals to be able to cost effectively print articles gathered from the internet, has been awarded £22,000 for a year’s R&D Tax Credits claim. They gathered information on the web about who best to handle their claim, and they came up with randd uk.

£11k for long-term client

A long term client of randd, a small engineering company in Birmingham that specialises in extending the lives of old threading machinery, has received an R&D Tax Credit worth more than £11,000. The company knows what’s best for them, not a screw loose amongst the workforce!

£80k for Nottingham energy company

randd uk obtain another £30k savings in taxes for our client, a Nottingham energy solutions company. The firm specialises in bespoke packages of energy-saving equipment for their clients. This is in addition to the £50k award we obtained for them last year, meaning a total of £80k in cash received so far, and their R&D projects are continuing.

£60k for London-based software developer

A London-based software developer has earned in excess of £60,000 in R&D Tax Credits. This year’s £20,000 followed £40,000 last year as they develop a cutting edge rules based program that copes with incredibly complex tasks. The company got one rule exactly right, working with randd uk to ensure they get maximum benefit.

£70k for a Leicester-based software developer

randd uk secured a cash reward of over £25k for the development work carried out by a Leicester-based software developer. This is a repeat claim for them and, in total, they’ve received nearly £70k from this government scheme so far. Development projects are ongoing.

£320k in tax savings

Another year: another cash award for a regular client of randd uk. This year alone we’ve obtained for the group as a whole £160k. Over just the past two years we’ve saved this company over £320k.

£175k and counting…

randd uk secured yet another year’s worth of cash awards for one of our regular engineering clients. This year we’ve recovered £56k tax saving for the company, total savings over the past few years now total over £175k.

Continued savings for our clients

randd uk has saved a software development client another £25k this year…this is on top of the £43k we’ve already recovered for them in the past.

£20k for Shropshire general engineering company

A small Shropshire general engineering company joined forces with randd uk and has subsequently received £20,000 in R&D Tax Credits. Varying developments in the confectionary industry, printing, storage systems, agriculture and military arenas formed the basis of their first claim.

Successful claim for Derbyshire-based company

A Derbyshire-based company has received a tax rebate of just under £10k for their R&D work developing equipment to create garden sensory environments. This is the third claim randd has helped the company receive, who develop and manufacture bespoke sensory equipment and interactive environments that are principally used in schools, especially for pupils with learning disabilities and complex needs.

£70k for niche jewellery manufacturer

A Leicester-based promotional product and niche jewellery manufacturer, which carries out significant material and process developments, has been awarded in excess of £70,000 for its first R&D Tax Credits claim. Specialising in products for the Rock ‘n‘ Roll and Goth markets, they trusted randd to handle their claim and they were on the stairway to heaven when their award rolled in to give them plenty of satisfaction.

randd delivers £154k to baby product maker

A first claim worth over £154,000 has been paid to a Leicestershire-based baby product manufacturer. Developing versatility in pushchairs and new safety measures in cots were just a couple of the many areas of innovation that randd assimilated to formulate the successful and very large claim. Child’s play for the experts!

Our client is in the clouds with £130k

randd uk have obtained a cash award of nearly £70k for a Hampshire cloud software development company. This is on top of the £60k we recovered for them last year. The director is naturally very pleased with this cash injection to his company.

£70k in corporate tax rebate

randd uk recover nearly £70k in a corporation tax rebate for a London engineering and components manufacturer. The company specialises in design and manufacturing of transmission and gearing components for aerospace, and also for medical appliances.

£12k will help our client speed ahead

Supercars, hill climb racers, quad bikes, moto-cross machines are just a few of the competitive vehicles that a small Barnsley-based suspension development company has helped to win races. Laurels were handed to the company when they teamed up with randd to process their first ever R&D Tax Credits claim and when the chequered flag came down, their prize was over £12,000. That put a spring in their step!

£120k for Notts-based client

randd uk save another client nearly £50k of tax today. This is in addition to the near £70k we’ve already saved them over the last two years. This Notts-based company carries out materials handling projects and logistics for (amongst others) the retail and automotive sectors.

‘Meat’ing our client’s needs

An East Midlands-based producer of hams has developed a myriad of process improvements that qualified for research and development tax credits. Cutting edge slicing methods, achieving their goal by developing better ways of netting product and wasting no time in reducing waste were all part of their significant process developments that has seen them adapt lean production methods. Meat-ing up with randd was key to the claim’s success. It was a silk purse all the way from then as the client received a healthy £210,000.