News Bulletin: 25/04/2017

South Yorkshire client receives over £289k

randd has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £76k for a company based in South Yorkshire, which specialises in Project Design & Engineering, Fabrication, Welding, Machining, Painting, Assembly, Testing, Installation and Commissioning. We’ve now successfully claimed over £289k for this client.

£196K for Cambridgeshire client

randd has delivered another successful R&D tax credit claim worth £53k for a company based in Cambridgeshire, which offers specialist expertise in the injection moulding industry, covering all aspects from mould making and design to moulding machine specification and performance to process control/analyses/optimisation and advanced process assessment. The total claimed to date for this client is now £196k.

£100k for Gloucestershire-based company

randd has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £100k for a company based in Gloucestershire, which is an established engineering industry leader, providing bespoke complex engineering solutions to a wide variety of industrial sectors. They have extensive experience of designing and manufacturing bespoke special purpose automated production and computer controlled test equipment.

£171K claimed so far…

randd has today secured another R&D tax credit claim for a company based in the Midlands for £26k, which has expertise in manufacturing all types of electrical control panels, providing an extensive range of products and services to industry within the field of electrical engineering. The total claimed now for this client is £171k.

£53k and counting for Midlands-based company

randd has secured another R&D tax credit claim for a company based in the Midlands for £24k, which leads and enables new product developments, mainly within the transport industry sectors. They have in-depth transport sector cultural knowledge and the ability to ensure compliance with recognised standards in the rail and related sectors of industry. This brings total claimed to date for this client to £53k

Successful first claim for small London-based software company

Developing a system to enable a commercial link-up between supermarkets and taxi companies earned a small London-based software company over £4500 from its first R&D Tax Credits claim, handled by randd uk, who led the client through the optimum route from pick-up to the fare being paid.

£204k (and counting) for a Nottinghamshire-based company

randd uk has secured a further £100k in R&D tax credit claim for a Nottinghamshire-based company, which provides a wide range of home, garden and DIY products. This brings the running total we’ve claimed for this client £204k. Through innovative product development, commissioning and fabrication, the company is constantly updating, expanding and improving its product range.

£257K for Gloucestershire-based company

randd has delivered another R&D tax credit claim for £57k for a Gloucestershire-based company, which uses its engineering expertise to apply the technology of deep draw pressing to a variety of commercial product applications such as battery cans and pen components. Our client has a well-earned reputation for the development of innovatory solutions in the field of deep draw pressings. The total we’ve successfully claimed to date for this company is £257k.

A further £24k for one client

randd has today recovered another R&D tax credit claim worth £24k for a company based in the West Midlands, which specialises in the design, development, manufacture and installation of highly-specialised, bespoke paint finishing systems plant, automation and process control systems and automation software solutions.

£364K and counting for Warwickshire-based firm

randd has secured another R&D tax credit claim for almost £90k for a company based in Warwickshire, which specialises in training, support and the development of specific stand-alone and client tailored applications in SolidWorks, a 3D mechanical CAD (computer-aided design) program. This brings the total claimed for the client to date to an impressive £364k.

£124k for Derbyshire-based company

randd has secured another R&D tax credit claim for a Derbyshire-based company worth £124k. The company specialises in large component machining facilities with business in Defence, Oil & Gas, Aerospace and Renewable Power Generation sectors. Their expertise in large component handling, production, repair and refurbishment has grown their reputation for being a problem solving precision engineering company where technical capability and reliability of service is vital.

Over £185k received for a Leicester-based company’s first R&D claim

A lifestyle furniture and lighting development company from Leicester has been awarded over £185,000 for its first R&D Tax credits claim. Innovative and complex ways to combine aesthetics, performance and durability are central to the company’s development programme and the sizeable award, earned by working with randd uk, will enable their team to table more suggestions and furnish more developments.

£6K for Bromsgrove-based SME

A small company in the industrial scanning arena has just been awarded almost £6000 for its first tax credits refund. Developing a method to scan the wingspan of a huge military use aeroplane was central to its claim and the money received will help the Bromsgrove-based company fly forwards with more development projects.

A massive £750k for one of our clients

randd uk secures a cash award of over £125,000 for a client of ours. This brilliant company develops new products for the motor racing and aerospace industries. Over the past 3 years, randd uk have liaised with HMRC to recover over £750,000 in tax credits for this particular company so far. Needless to say: With this amount of money the company has gone from strength to strength, expanded its operations and re-invested the tax refunds to develop new projects even further. It’s great example of a small UK company taking advantage of this government scheme and pushing itself beyond limits. randd uk has been more than happy to help them in their journey.

£21k for Bolton-based company

A Bolton-based company that specialises in making conservatory roofs has been successful in its first R&D Claim. Recommended by another window company, developing new, more flexible methods of constructing orangery roofs was central to the £21,000 award which nicely topped off their partnership with randd uk.

£120K for Midlands-based company

randd has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £34k for a Midlands-based company, which offers a one stop solution including part design for manufacture, tool design and manufacture, component manufacture, post assembly work. With tooling of the highest quality ranging from the simplest open and shut tools, to the complex auto-unscrewing tools and over moulding tools, they supply a wide range of industries including medical, automotive, signalling and plumbing. We have successfully claimed a total of £120k for this client so far.