News Bulletin: 25/03/2018

£25K for Nottingham-based client

randd uk secured a small cash award of £25k for a Nottingham-based technology company. The firm specialises in bespoke solutions, typically for the oil and gas industry.

£123K and counting for Leicestershire client

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for almost £53k for a company based in Leicestershire. They are a renowned design led manufacturer of bespoke kitchens, interiors and bathrooms. Their expertise in materials and ergonomics has enabled them to branch out into other areas beyond the traditional area of kitchens and furniture as they develop prototypes in many and varied fields into commercial products. Total claimed to date is £123k.

A further £21K for Leicestershire-based client

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £21k for a company based in Leicestershire. This makes a total of £60k claimed for this client. Our client is succeeding in the leading edge development of metrology technology and their scope of work is a great enabler to UK industry in developing solutions for ultra-precision detailed measurements of intricate components. This includes rapid scanning of large assemblies and they offer a range of measurement solutions for a broad range of applications in diverse industries throughout the world.

£198K for Cumbria-based client

randd uk has claimed successfully an R&D tax credit claim for almost £71k for a company based in Cumbria. The company has many years’ experience in delivering new natural grass pitches and synthetic grass pitches to some of the greatest names in sport as well as to schools, colleges, universities, sports clubs and local authorities. They are also a world leader in the installation and maintenance of synthetic and natural sports surfacing. The total we’ve claimed for this client now totals over £198k.

£99K for Leicestershire company

randd uk has delivered a £99k R&D tax credit claim for a company based in Leicestershire. The company is a world leader in LED lighting for the marine industry.

£76k for West Midlands client

randd uk has secured an R&D claim for £76k for a company based in the West Midlands. The company has carried out historical research into the development and evolution of taps over many years. This historical research has enabled the company’s founder to formulate an educated vision for the future and has led to the design, development and manufacture of classic designs that meet modern and up to date efficiency and legislative demands for water control.

£235K for Derbyshire-based client

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £100k for a company based in Derbyshire. The company manufactures specialist and unique fabrications for complete turnkey solutions including, design, manufacture and commissioning. They provide these engineering services in medium to heavy equipment industries, mainly for offshore oil and gas but including nuclear, defence, mining, quarrying materials handling, marine, and construction sectors. The total claimed now for this client is £235k.

Nearly £300k for East Yorkshire client

An award of £50k has taken the tally received by an East Yorkshire food processor to almost £300k. Innovative ways to improve the processing of food for sandwiches and salad pots, plus improving shelf-life have all combined to ensure the company has received a more than welcome welcome slice of R&D Tax Credits.

£120K for point of sale firm

A company that specialises in developing start of the art point of sale displays has earned £120k from its first R&D Tax Credits claim. Based in Leicester, the company specialises in high-end, world renowned brands and ensures their displays in shops, airports and malls work to improve the image and sales of their clients.

Repeat success for Nottinghamshire client

A Nottinghamshire-based engineering operation that specialises in developing advanced machinery for the recycling industry has been awarded more than £48k to add to the £36k awarded the previous year. As they say, where there’s muck there’s brass!

£14k for app developer

A developer of a music sharing app has been awarded over £14k from its latest claim taking the total R&D Tax Credits earned to almost £58k. Based in Surrey, the company has ploughed back its R&D rewards into further development as is seeks to make its app a household name.

Big or small, randd still delivers

A Bromsgrove-based engineering company with a single employee has been awarded over £3400 for the work it did to develop an innovative tube bending machine proving size isn’t everything and randd uk is happy to work with any enterprise, big or small.

£188k for Northamptonshire client

randd has secured another successful R&D tax credit claim for £44k for a company based in Northamptonshire. They specialise in the manufacturing of fully finished aluminium castings, using Low Pressure and Gravity die-casting processes. They are a leading UK manufacturer in their specialist field of operation. Total now successfully claimed for this client by randd is £188k.

£110,000 for Chesterfield-based piping supplier

A Chesterfield based supplier of piping services to the oil industry has banked an impressive £110,000 from its first R&D Tax Credits claim. Developing specialist methods of welding for a variety of applications for subsea, vessels and on land applications means randd uk’s client has benefitted from its cutting edge approach to problem solving. Around 80% of turnover is in the form of valuable exports, much of the work carried out being on pig traps, items that aid the testing of pipeline integrity. No pigs flew away during the claim process and the company could scarcely believe the rewards they received for their innovation.

£37K for a Lincolnshire-based company

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim of £37k for a Lincolnshire-based company. The Company develops a diverse portfolio of eCommerce stores that have been carefully developed for specific markets. They ensure each website in their portfolio has its own unique identity which is defined by the brands it displays. As a result, they work very closely with their suppliers to choose the most appropriate website for each brand. The staff are all real end-users of the products they stock, who actively take part in a wide range of action sports and outdoor activities and hail from a variety of backgrounds.

South Yorkshire-based engineering company gets £50K

A South Yorkshire-based engineering company has successfully claimed just under £50,000, having used randd uk as its partner. With projects as diverse as subsea oil & gas applications and listed building improvements, the client engineered the right choice by selecting randd uk to handle its claim.