News Bulletin: 21/02/2018

randd uk has garment manufacturer covered

A Leicestershire-based garment manufacturer has received another £18,000 to take its total to almost £55,000 received from the Tax Credits Scheme. The partnership between client and randd uk has knitted together extremely well over the years.

Over £77K for Sheffield-based testing company

A claim, in excess of £77,000, has been awarded to a Sheffield-based testing company. Specialising in developing ever more reliable non-destructive test methodologies incorporating X-Rays, ultrasonics and magnetics, engaging randd uk to process the claim was very much seen as constructive rather than destructive for the business!

£84k for Leicestershire client

Another R&D tax credit claim for £84k has been secured for a randd uk client based in Leicestershire. They manufacture precision quality tacks and nails, (including threaded, hardened and plated products) both for the footwear industry, and also for any other industry requiring the highest quality standards. The Company’s products are manufactured to exacting tolerances for a diverse range of industries worldwide for hand, machine and air gun applications.

£49K for Cumbrian client

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for almost £49k for a company based in Cumbria, which provides specialist and comprehensive cutting services of woven and non-woven materials for bespoke sizing, sealing to size and preconditioning in preparation for production processes.

Bedfordshire client receives £20K

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £20k for a company based in Bedfordshire. The company develops and manufactures a wide range of complex system equipment for its markets, from acoustic signalling and civil defence alarms, cargo and ballast loading automation systems and sonic power plant cleaning. Their core business is centred on producing unique and comprehensive software, electrical, electronic and mechanical based systems to overcome technically challenging project based problems posed by clients’ wishes to improve safety and efficiency and meet and exceed compliance legislation.

£129k for a Hampshire client

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £129k for a company based in Hampshire. They are a specialist waste technology company that uses technologies that destroy all non-recyclable waste on site leaving only metal and glass for recycling meaning there is no need for waste collection, no need for landfill or incineration and less greenhouse gases.

£140k for Southampton-based engineering company

randd uk has recovered a brilliant cash award of over £140k for a Southampton-based engineering company. This was a retrospective claim for the last two years’ R&D activities. Next year’s claim is already underway and, due to increased development projects now that the directors are aware of the R&D incentives, the current claim will be more than £100K for one year alone.

£80K for Nottinghamshire aerospace engineering firm

randd uk secures a cash award of £80K for an aerospace engineering firm based in Nottinghamshire. The company specialises in manufacturing aluminium and other metal fabrication for the aerospace industry, as well as for F1 racing. Their R&D claim for the following year’s development projects is already well underway.

Successful R&D claim leads to client increasing its research facilities

A specialist manufacturer of industrial filters used in chemicals, water & sewerage, food, automotive and pharmaceuticals amongst other arenas has been awarded £42k in its second successful R&D Tax Credits claim, adding to the £52k received last year. After sifting through many potential partners, the client chose randd uk to lead its claims and, as a result, has increased its research facilities to ensure more technological breakthroughs will come along in the future.

£113k for a company based in the West Midlands

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £113k for a company based in the West Midlands. The company supplies control systems, cable harnesses and high added value solutions to many of the world’s largest and most successful machinery manufacturers. Total claimed £388k.

£40K for Derbyshire-based firm

randd uk has secured an R&D tax credit claim for £40k for a company based in Derbyshire. The company has developed a brand new advanced optimisation regime and toolset, using IT-based platforms for aiding clients, particularly local authorities, to maximise the efficiency and minimise costs of their supply chain, specifically building maintenance and extensions.

£358K for Lancashire client

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £52k for a company based in Lancashire. The company specialises in the design and manufacture of bespoke valving systems and has generated its success through its design expertise, 3D modelling and an extensive proven experience in manufacturing components and systems with special capabilities in high pressure, unique, critical products for the very demanding environments in the Space, Nuclear and Petrochemical Industries as well as in the Armed Forces. Total claimed for this client so far: £358,000.

£349K and counting for Lincolnshire client

randd has secured another successful R&D tax credit claim for £175k for a company based in Lincolnshire. They are fully integrated contract manufacturers of Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements (VMS). Their business strategy is to offer products for a growing market where intensive farming is shortening the food chain and creating an increasing need for food supplements to complete a healthy diet for the world’s population’s decreasing health through poor nutrition, increased sensitivities and food intolerances. Total this client has successfully claimed to date: £349k.

Another £112k for a Midlands-based client

randd has delivered another successful R&D tax credit claim for £112k for a Midlands-based company. They are manufacturers and installers of high friction surfacing, predominantly for trafficked areas and demonstrate operational and technical expertise with an excellent reputation nationwide. Total we’ve claimed for this client to date: £273k.

A further £104k for Leicestershire-based company

randd has secured another successful R&D tax credit claim for almost £104k for a Leicestershire-based company. Their investment casting process uses advanced manufacturing methods and rapid prototyping technologies which, supported by their quality assurance systems, enables them to produce bespoke, high quality, precision engineered components in various metals and alloys, with minimum wastage of material, energy and subsequent machining, and in short lead times. Essentially, they strive to provide a versatile casting process that provides an effective and economical alternative to other methods of producing metal components. They can produce components for both industrial and commercial applications and has supplied bespoke parts to a wide range of markets including, automotive, rail, motorsport, oil and gas, architectural, valves and pumps, marine and medical. The total claimed for this client is an impressive £360k.

A whopping cash award of over £250K

randd uk can confirm a whopping cash award for a component manufacturer today: well over £250,000! This Leicester-based company specialises in automotive components, casting, stainless steel parts and CNC milling. A simple operation, but taking on complex projects and problems to satisfy market demands.