News Bulletin: 21/02/2017

£55k for Leicestershire-based engineering company

randd uk have secured a cash award of £55k for an engineering company based in Leicestershire that specialise in the aerospace and oil & gas sectors.  This is a very welcome cash injection for the company.

It doesn’t matter if your company’s small or large – there’s R&D Tax Credit money out there

A small London based IT company who’ve developed a suite of software programs that provide SME’s with a virtual PA has received £5k in R&D Tax Credits following on from the £15k we secured for them a year ago.

£70k windfall for a Northants company

Today we secured a tax recovery of over £70k for a Northants-based client. The company specialises in metal castings. This is a small family owned and run business so this tax rebate makes a huge impact on their cashflow. The director is particularly pleased as this money came in on the day the factory closes up for the summer shutdown, so there’s no other money coming in over the next two weeks. This cash injection today was a brilliantly timed windfall!

£150k in R&D Tax Credits for one client

randd uk help secure a cash award of £62k for a new engineering company based in the West Midlands.  This is the company’s second claim made in as many years. Our client has therefore now gained £150k from this government-backed scheme.

Lancs-based lift engineering firm has elevated their coffers by almost £50k

A Lancashire-based on & offshore lift engineering company has had a successful R&D Tax Credits claim worth nearly £50,000,  processed by randd uk. Working with the likes of leading cruise ship lines and the MoD, our client’s innovation and development work has solved long standing problems to give years of extended services to expensive ships as well as installing its own developed gearing and braking systems into brand new applications. Thanks to the success of their lift systems, they’ve been elevated to the top of their own industrial tree.

£20k strikes twice for a happy client

randd uk secure nearly £20k for an energy company client of ours. We recovered £20k for them last year too, so the directors of this SME business are very pleased.

£30k for a testing company

randd uk have secured over £30k for a testing company in Rotherham. The company carries out testing and inspecting within a range of industries including engineering, manufacturing, aerospace and other transport. We spoke to the MD this morning and he’s overjoyed at this extra cash inflow, can’t wait to crack on with this year’s R&D claim.

£50k for a Lancashire-based engineering company

randd uk secure a near £50k tax rebate for a Lancashire-based engineering company. The firm specialises in circuits and circuit breaker manufacturing and installations, often to high-spec and bespoke conditions. Some projects were local, some international and some on oil-drilling platforms. The company is therefore a truly world-wide player, but always with a Lancashire heart!

£6.5k brightened this client’s day

Controlling lights & sounds at gigs ranging from a single artiste in a pub to huge arena and outdoor performances is no easy job, but an East Yorkshire based software developer has a suite of programs to suit all sizes and combinations of lighting and sound sources and its development has ensured this small company has received in excess of £6000 in R&D Tax Credits, thanks to randd uk.

Notts based Garden & Power Tool developer gets £56k

A Mansfield-based mail-order specialist who develop price conscious, robust and frequently ground-breaking product solutions for Garden, the DIY market and professional builders, has been rewarded with a £56,000 Research & Development Tax Credit. A year ago, randd uk guided the same company through a claim worth just under £50,000, so a six-figure return in a year. Everything is their garden is very rosy!

The sky is the limit for this aerospace customer

randd uk have secured a £184k cash award for a company based in the West Midlands.  The company specialises in high quality precision machining for the Aerospace sector.  The directors are building on this success and this injection of cash will help secure the future of the business in their sector.

£20k for a family-run engineering company

A successful £20k claim for a family-run engineering company based in Leicester has been secured by randd uk.  This injection of cash will be reinvested to ensure the company continue to meet the ever-changing requirements of the manufacturing sectors it services.

Multi-year savings

randd uk have secured a tax savings of £24k for another of our regular clients. This is on top of the £15k we got them back last year too. This Midlands company specialises in measurement systems and other instruments in the optical field.

£34k this year, £30k last year for Notts based Cloud software developer

Innovative Cloud based software development has earned a Nottingham based company in excess of £34,000 in R&D Tax Credits in their latest one year claim. Add that to the £30,000 recovered last year and the sky seems to be the limit for this randd uk client.

Lincs based electrical control firm awarded £15k in R&D Tax Credits

randd uk guided a small Lincolnshire based electrical control and distribution panel manufacturer through a successful £15,000 R&D Tax Credits claim. Innovation in ground heat source, methane gas recovery and heating control systems were at the centre of this successful claim.

A happy family (business)

randd uk have secured a cash award of £15k for a small family-run business based in Nottinghamshire. The company specialises in the design, manufacture and fabrication of control panels. Whilst this may seem to be a small amount of tax rebate, for similar family-run enterprises it really is a lot of money. The director of the company was very happy with the cheque he received this morning. Do you own or run a small-medium company? Get in touch to see if we can help.

What would your company do with half a million pounds?

randd uk have today recovered another quarter of a million pounds for our client just for the one year! This is in addition to the £300k we got back for them last year. Hence, we have now saved this Leicestershire-based technology firm well over half a million pounds already.

£420k for one client

randd uk have secured another cash award of nearly £60k for our Lancashire client in the water treatment industry. This is in addition to the £360k we’ve recovered for them in previous years. Our client has therefore now gained £420k from this government-backed scheme. Brilliant news for them.

Double savings for a happy customer

randd uk have secured another reduction in our client’s tax liability for this year alone of £63k. This is in addition to the £78k we recovered for them last time. So we’ve saved them over £140k to date, which we is a great result. The Sheffield-based company provides solutions for sealing issues and bespoke CNC manufacturing.

More money on a previous claim

randd uk provided a cash injection of £45k to Leicestershire-based UPVC fabricating company. The company had already filed an R&D tax credit claim with another R&D advisor, but randd uk felt that the crux of the innovative projects and some essential costs had been missed. We approached HMRC with a revised claim and the Revenue agreed. In short: randd uk improved on the original R&D claim by 5 fold.

The power of networking

randd uk has secured £31k for a Merseyside based heating element developer and manufacturer who’d been referred through a golfing pal. His partner on the links had previously benefitted to the tune of £130k over 3 years working with us. Nearly enough cash to make the Ryder Cup squad!

£200k for Nottinghamshire-based firm

A successful £36k claim for a Nottinghamshire-based mechanical handling specialist this year can now be added to the two previous years’ claims that totalled £200k, all handled by randd uk.

£60k for small family firm

randd uk follow up cash award for a small family-owned bespoke engineering company in Northampton. Another £30k for them this year in addition to the £30k we gained for them last time. They’ve now paid no tax for three years running : the directors are very happy about that.

£720k in one year for a very happy client

randd uk has completed a cash award of £220k for a Nottinghamshire/Lincoln based heavy industry company. This comes in addition to the £500k we recovered for them last year, so the company received nearly three quarters of a million pounds within the space of 12 months. Their R&D projects are still ongoing so there will be more to come.

More cash for family firm

randd uk recovers another amount of tax for the forth year running for one of our clients. Once more, this a small family-run (father & son) business, so these annual cash injections are a fantastic bonus to reward them for their hard efforts and innovations.