News Bulletin: 19/02/2017

£28k recovered for a Mansfield based Print Management Company

randd uk claimed in excess of £28k for a Mansfield based Print Management Company that was unable to find a suitable front and back office quote and sales order processing system, so they worked with a software engineer to develop their own.

£36k for a small Derbyshire based pub entertainment system developer

A small Chesterfield based pub, club and hotel entertainment system developer was delighted with a successful R&D Tax Credits claim worth more than £36k. Handled by randd uk, the company had been completely unaware of the existence of the scheme until they were recommended to speak to randd uk.

£25k for a small concern of software developers in Devon

randd uk secure another cash award today of £25k for a small concern of software developers based in Devon. The company solved a number of issues for marketeers, developing interactive tools specifically for their clients needs. This owner-managed business finds this award for their efforts extremely helpful.

£60k for software firm

randd uk secure a cash award of over £60k for a Manchester software developer. This small but brilliant company specialises in web-site design, and in particular its integration into their clients other software systems.

Another £50k for another happy customer

randd uk secure a cash award of over £50k for a Southampton-based plastics manufacturer. The company developed a number of products to solve specific problems put to them by clients from a range of industries. The company have ongoing projects, so they are already looking forward to working with us again to obtain further awards for their brilliant work.

£120k in two years. Not bad we think.

randd uk secure another cash award for one of our client’s additional claims, for a following year’s effort. The cheque back from the taxman this year was £35k, last year’s was £85k. So £120k recovered already in the space of just two years to spend as they prefer. Their development projects are ongoing, so there will be more to come for this company; all without the hassle of having to promise to do something as a result.. The Nottinghamshire-based business specialises in engineered products for the Utilities and have a strengthening reputation with their customer’s as a result of their efforts to stay at the forefront of technology. Some of our best referral agents are accountancy practices who recognising that randd UK has a specialism in successfully claiming on the basis of the technical achievements of their customers. randd UK are respected for their technical competence, confidentiality and professionalism which simply helps grow the business of accountancy practices by making their clients more wealthy.

£51k recovered for customer

randd uk save their client a further £19k of tax on an R&D claim for the year to 2013. We recovered £32k for them last year, so total tax saved are £51k up to now, and the company still has ongoing R&D projects.

£43k for development firm

randd uk has ensured a London based software developer has recovered £43,000 in tax credits for the development of middleware that sits between huge enterprise resource platforms and third party client software. The developer operates in software design, education, implementation, integration, project management, quality assurance, support and technology optimisation.

£70k for a composite manufacturing company

randd uk secure an award of over £70k for a Midlands-based composite manufacturing company. The firm designs and develops high value niche applications, as well as customised patterns, mouldings and toolings.

£43k for a software development company

randd uk secure a £43k cash award for a software development company and design studio in Sheffield. The firm design bespoke systems for a broad range of clients.

randd uk recovers £38k for Hampshire company

randd uk has helped a Hampshire based company, that works in a very tightly controlled industry, recover £38,000 for perfecting a way of sealing pvc bags in a way that makes them fully watertight and airtight, with a permanent seal. RF (Radio Frequency) welding is at the heart of the solution and the company’s specialist team of developers, draughtsmen and engineers worked on developing welding machines that guarantee 100% success when welding the bags’ aperture.

£18k for a Shropshire SME

£18k of taxes have been recovered for a small OMB based in Shropshire thanks to randd uk’s SME experience. The company develops road safety items and have been instrumental in saving lives on British roads, particularly for the motorcyclist. We are proud to help the company along.

Six success stories in 48 hours

In the last two working days, HMRC have processed six of our R&D claims, totalling a tax recovery of over £380k for our clients, being £63k on average. These claims have ranged from clients operating in industry areas of food technology, software, construction, manufacturing and engineering.

£100k for a Leicester firm

randd uk have saved nearly £100,000 of tax for a Leicester-based metal-casting firm. Amongst other products, they develop castings for the motorsport industry. Very exciting technology, but they also develop precision castings for all types of industry.

Sizzling September

September 2013 has been a great month for randduk. We have filed enough cases with HMRC to recover over £750,000 for our clients. Does your company qualify for our services? Get in touch to find out.

Big recovery for South Yorkshire SME

randd uk has recovered £27k of tax for a small software and apps development company based in South Yorkshire. The company also specialises in finding solutions to integrate several systems. This is a small firm (maybe half a dozen members of staff), but the development programming and quality of service they provide is high.

£250k for Rotherham-based manufacturer

randd uk saves nearly £90k of tax for a Rotherham-based valves and controls manufacturer. This tax saving is in addition to the £155k we recovered for them last year, hence we’ve saved the company nearly £250,000 in taxes so far … and their development work is ongoing so they will have further R&D claims in future years.

randd uk delivers…again

randd uk secure an R&D award of nearly £30k for a pizza company. Yes: a Pizza company! The company operates fast food outlets nationally (mainly in shopping centres) where the demand is high and the turnaround time needs to be extremely quick, so they developed a cooking system coupled with their own software which programmed the ovens to cook individual pizzas with different types of toppings in seconds ( not minutes ). This was all the idea of the MD whom is a qualified chef used to working in high-end restaurants. He’s very fussy about his food, but saw no reason why the ‘fast-food’ industry shouldn’t receive the same quality and treatment as his restaurants. HMRC agreed with us that this new and innovative system does indeed qualify as R&D.

Good news in twos

In randd uk’s second result today: we saved £28k of tax for a small component manufacturing company in Derbyshire. We saved them £ 27 K last year too, so £55k of taxes saved in just two years.

£370k for a Surrey-based manufacturer

randd uk have saved a Surrey-based industrial clothing manufacturer £134k off their next tax bill. This is in addition to the near £250k which randd has already recovered for them in the previous three years. This takes total tax savings for one company up to £370f over a four-year period. This is a serious cash in-flow which the firm have been able to utilise to develop new projects.

£40k for a Merseyside window manufacturing company

randd uk secure a cash award of over £40k for a Merseyside window manufacturing company. Once again, this firm is a small owner-managed company whom at first sight thought they wouldn’t be carrying out R&D activity. HMRC agreed with us that they were! Think you might qualify? Get in touch today!

What would your company do with £300k?

randd uk secure a whopping £300k in tax refunds awarded to a technology firm in Derbyshire. The company specialises in designing and manufacturing carbon fibre composites for a variety of uses, including sport technologies and for renewable energies, but also for more everyday uses.

£40k for another family firm

randd uk recovers £40k in taxes for a motor vehicle operator. Again the company is a small family-run firm, operating from the Welsh border area.

£97k for family firm in Peterborough

randd uk save £46k in tax for a plastics moulding company based in Peterborough. This is small family-run firm so, on top of the £51k we recovered for them last year, savings like this make a real impact on the dynamics of the business. Needless to say, the director was very happy with the phone call we made to her this morning.

Two claims received in one day

randd uk have received two successful claims today. Nearly £50k was awarded to an East Midlands-based company for their development work on their power tool range. A further £78k tax recovery was obtained for a Yorkshire-based pressure seal manufacturer.

£100k for water treatment plant

randd uk secure an award of nearly £100k in just one financial year, for a water treatment plant. The company is based in Lancashire but their portfolio includes oil and gas rigs, plus ships, so their client base covers the globe. randd uk has now recovered over £250k for this company over the past four years. This is a great injection of money into the UK economy.