News Bulletin: 16/04/2017

£600K in tax savings for one client… and counting

randd uk saves even more tax for one of our regular clients: over £100k this year. That takes total tax savings we’ve made for the company to well over £600k.

randd uk opens a cash door for a window & door manufacturer

A family-owned Bridgnorth-based window and door company developed locks and bolts, reverse engineered old window methods and found solutions to door problems that had beaten many of its competitors. This led to them receiving a claim in excess of £13,500, their first R&D Tax Credits award, an amount that meant they raised a glass to randd uk for processing their claim.

randd uk brings ‘home the bacon’ worth £172K for Coventry-based firm

Another successful claim for a Coventry-based bacon specialist takes the amount earned through R&D Tax Credits to £172,000. A leader in the technologies around improving yields and reducing costs in bacon processing, dare we say, randd uk’s client is an expert in lean manufacturing.

£14K for sheet metal business

randd has secured another R&D tax credit claim for over £14k for a company based in Greater-Manchester. The company is a bespoke sheet metal business that includes design, manufacture, surface finish and fitting services. They are stainless steel, aluminium and mild steel specialists who have the experience and expertise in a wide-range of applications.

£235K for Gloucestershire-based client

randd has today secured a further R&D tax credit claim for £119k for Gloucestershire-based client, which is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of precision stampings in the industrial sector; including electrical, electronic, medical, automotive, telecommunications, military, aerospace and solar energy. This makes the total we’ve successfully claimed so far for this happy client a whopping £235k.

£300K for one regular client… and counting

randd uk have secured another tax saving for one of regular clients — this year it’s £75k! The company is a mouldings and plastics factory based in Derby. Over the past three years, randd uk has saved the company £300k, making the directors a very happy pair.

£5K for Chesterfield-based SME

Development in the Quick Response Code arena has earned a first-time Chesterfield-based one-man operation in excess of £5k. When randd first spoke to the company, their response couldn’t have been any quicker in appointing us to handle the claim.

£22K brightens up Nottinghamshire-based firm

Making hotels safe from lightning strikes, ensuring Christmas decorations were safely attached in a major shopping centre and developing safe systems for the roof of specialist chicken restaurants were developments that earned this Nottinghamshire client a finger-lickin’ £22k from its first-ever R&D claim.

First-time claim sees £28K for small engineering company

A small sub-contact engineering company received just short of £28k from its first-ever claim. Carrying out work on behalf of the gas and oil industry, aerospace and railways, this Mansfield-based operator is delighted to have engineered a great relationship with randd.

£38K for Nottingham-based firm

Roof safety is a growing area of health and safety concern and a Nottingham-based firm that develops ever safer and ever more flexible systems has earned over £38k from its first R&D Tax Credits claim. Selecting randd uk to process their claim was as easy as falling off a log!

£70K for Northants-based company

randd uk have secured a £70k cash award for a first-time claim for Northants-based metalwork development company. The director is absolutely delighted with the result. It’s certainly made for a great start to his bank holiday weekend.

£11K for Warrington-based software designer

A first claim for a Warrington-based software developer brought in just under £11k cash for this client. Developing complex back office software solutions in diverse areas such as education, recruitment, fast moving goods and sports organisation formed the backbone of this R&D Tax Credits claim.

Another successful claim means £600K for one client

randd’s second refund of the day goes to one of regular long-standing clients: this year we recovered over £150k for them. Over the last few years we have recovered nearly £600k in cash rewards for this one client.

£30k for a food processing plant in Hull

randd uk secures a cash reward of over £30k for a food processing plant based in Hull. Great result for this small family-run company, and the director is over the moon with the cash back.

£23K for Chesterfield-based engineering firm

A specialist engineering company based in Chesterfield has received in excess of £23,000 from its most recent claim. Developing parts for railway rolling stock, oil and gas flow meters and steam measuring devices were all part of the latest award. This precision engineering firm knew precisely to turn to randd uk to handle their claim.

£50k for aerospace firm

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for just over £50k for a company based in the South-West of England. They specialise in the design and development of bespoke equipment in the aerospace sector particularly ground support equipment and specialist tool refurbishment such as repair, modification, re-certification and testing.

£125K for Hampshire-based company

A Hampshire-based company specialising in modular-built solutions used in many industrial applications, such as safety guards, conveyor systems, workstations, sports shelters and van racking, has been awarded £35k for this year’s R&D Tax Credits claim…adding to the £90k received last year. That £125k has helped keep the company well away from rack and ruin.

£91K and counting for a Northampton-based company

rand has delivered another R&D tax credit claim for over £30k for a Northampton-based company, which has a reputation for advanced manufacturing machining and fabrication to enable their customers’ new product and process developments.  This expertise includes 5 Axis Milling, CNC Turning and a full range of welding capabilities. This brings the total claimed for this company to £91k.

£23K for family-owned company in Leicester

A first claim of just under £23,000 has been awarded to a Leicester-based point of sale developer. Working with high end clients in cosmetics, telephony and electronics, developments for extremely complex, bespoke displays for airports and in-store locations, randd helped bring the sweet smell of success to the family-owned company.

£34K for Liverpool-based firm

In excess of £34,000 has been awarded to a Liverpool-based circuit breaker and switchgear specialist. New installations and upgrading obsolete ones in areas as diverse as railway stations, chemical works and even a printer of banknotes featured in their claim, which when handled by randd was just like printing money!

£170K total savings for Leicester-based manufacturer

randd has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £88k for a company based in Leicester, which is a leading manufacturer of precision taping and winding machines for the electrical and energy industries worldwide. This brings the total claims to £170k.

£472K for Derbyshire-based electronic manufacturer

randd has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £76k for a Derbyshire-based company, which manufactures products covering most application aspects of electronics. They have particularly wide-ranging expertise ranging, from telecommunications and audio/video, to the Ministry of Defence and the medical industry. This brings the total claim to £472k.